~With Love~

~With Love~

What did I do to deserve this life?
What is so terribly wrong with me that I can’t be loved?

I sit and wait,
Get all warm and fuzzy at the thought of you,
I love you.

While you’re gone I try to get ahold of you,
I get an attitude from you,
All because I love you?
I do, I love you.

I tell myself that you love me,
That you’re sorry,
And you don’t mean to take everything out on me.
I’m fooling myself…aren’t I?

Love doesn’t make you sick,
Love doesn’t make you hurt,
Not like this…..

Love is honesty,
Love is respect,
And love was us.

Love was us a few short days ago.
Love is what I show you when you’re hurting,
Love is what I show you when I take care of you.
Love is being there for each other in times of need.

Love isn’t mean words.
Love isn’t spite,
Love isn’t anger and hatred.
Love isn’t disrespect.

When you love someone,
No one else matters.
When you love someone,
You make them smile.

With love there is a feeling of safety.
With love there is trust and caring.
With love there is understanding.
With love there is no one else.

When you love someone,
Like I love you…
It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants,
Or feels,…

There is only us.

Love is fair,
Kind and warm.
Love isn’t hurtful,
Angry and rotten.

I love you!

I think about you all the time.
What makes you happy,
Makes me happy.
What makes you smile,
Makes me smile.

What is important to you,
Within reason of course,
Is also important to me.
Because I love you.

When you love,
You protect.
When you love,
You cherish.

With love nothing else matters!


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