~Things Are Looking Better~

Over the course of the last few days things in life have started to look up for me,..for us.

I have a job. It isn’t much but it’s $10.00 an hour and at home. I do book keeping and I am also an upload processor, so basically I do all of the clerical and assistant work  for my employer.

I bought a car!!! YAY!!!! Finally:) Got my license reinstated, car is legal and I am happy.

I am smiling again. I look forward to getting out of the house, to going camping, swimming, hunting and just joy riding on the back roads. I love doing family things and I can do them again!

We brought my oldest boy youth turkey hunting this morning,..and for once,..in a little over a year,..we didn’t have to depend on anyone else! It’s about time.

James is healing from his crash a few weeks ago. Thank god for that. Now if we can keep things this way it would be great. If his family would stay out of our business we wouldn’t have any issues,..so far they have been. Unless he just isn’t telling me, of course.

So for today anyway,…. I am not going to write a depressing post.

I have other blogs, that are about ways to make money online, that are legit and one about being a freelancer if your interested in checking them out let me know. I will give you the address to access them. 

I hope everyone is having a great day. Oh and one thing I used to do with another blog is I would ask my readers and followers if there was anything they wanted more information about and would write what ever they were interested in learning/reading. So I would like to do the same here. 

Is there anything you want to know more about? This can be ANYTHING from making money to parenting tips, to recipes. I will post ALL replies as a post.

And if there is any advice you would like I am willing to talk to you, privately or through a site wide post that others can see. I am great at giving advice. I am open, honest and straight-forward.

Please don’t be shy. I love comments and ideas for my next blog post!


Comments & Questions Are Welcome & Will Be Responded To As Quickly As Possible :)

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