~I Thought Today Was My Day~

I don’t ask for much,

Just some appreciation,

Some attention,

Some love.

I woke up alone,

I turned 35 today

And once again I woke up alone.

Not because I am single,

I’m not single,..not in the technical way,

But in all the ways that matter.

I am not important,

No one sees me

And what it does to me,…

No one HEARS me,..

They may think I am nagging,..

But I am not,..

I am trying to be heard,…if only anyone would REALLY LISTEN.

I figure I need to be patient,…

Give it a couple of hours,…

And he would come back.

It has been ALL day though,..

And he asks me to come to his fathers,..

He asks me to forgive, and forget all the awful things,..

I can’t.

I tell him this,..

And it is me he gets mad at,..

Me he hollers at,..

Me he takes it out on.

Not the person who uses him,..

Not the person who deserves to be hurting now,..



Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to the one person who actually cares about him.

How does he show me his love?

He shows me by being gone,

By being mean,

By expecting me to forgive, and forget….


After 12 years together you would think he would realize what he does to me,

You would think he would care.

But I really don’t think he does.

He changes,

From day-to-day..

From minute to minute,..

He changes.

It tears me up inside..

The things he does,..or should I say..

Doesn’t do.

I am there for him,


I do what he want’s,

Talk to who he want’s..

I appreciate him unlike the others in his life,..

I love him,…

Unlike the others.

I wish he could see how bad I am hurting…

I wish that he could see that it is him that’s hurting me!!!!!!!!!




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