~ Such Sadness~

A British suffragette handbill produced during...

A British suffragette handbill produced during the women’s suffrage movement. Women were granted the right to vote in Britain in 1918. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was reading online today and came across a blog that I found disturbing and heart wrenching. Two blogs actually. Take the time to read this, or at least skim this. Tell me what you think please. 




 The other blog, I commented on.  




Such sadness in the words of these men. I think they may have been severely mistreated by a woman in some point of their lives. I do my hardest to make sure ALL of my children realize their importance and their worth. These men on here (the blogs above) are saying horrible things about woman,..makes me wonder what is really behind their words. Are they crying out for help? Or are they really just terrible hurtful humans that need to get a grip?


I hope they read the word I have written and realize that we ALL, men and woman, deserve the very best in life.And without US (woman) their would be no men! Not the other way around.


Please comment on here after you have read their blogs. I would love others opinions;-)





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