~Tell Me A Little About You~

I want to get to know my readers and followers, this is important to me! So please respond to the following question;-)

“What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?”


I would really love to hear your stories, experiences and whatever else you would like to write about. Please take a few minutes to write about it here or if its easier just comment and put a link back to your own blog where myself and others can locate you and learn more about you!

(in your reply make sure you send a link back to your blog or website. I would love to check them out!!)



6 thoughts on “~Tell Me A Little About You~

  1. I am a 40 year old housewife who has been married for 17 years and has 2 children, who we adopted through foster care. I was born with a few health issues that stopped me from being able to carry children. On Aug. 10th 2011 I lost my mother…. My best friend. Four weeks on Sept. 8th 2011my husband lost his mother and our children….. Another grandmother. Exactly 6 months to my mother’s passing I lost my only 31 year old baby brother, on Feb. 10th 2012 to homicide, and once again…. Our children lost another close relative.




    • Thank you for taking the time to tell me about you. I too lost my mother:( She died at 40 yrs old in 2000, following her was both my grandmothers and my grandfather within 2 years, then,…I lost my baby sister, who was 25 years old, to a drug over dose. So when my accident happened (talked about in one post) I thought my poor children were going to lose another family member,..their mom. And they almost did. It sounds to me like your a very strong lady, I absolutely appreciate that;-)
      PS I love the names of your blogs, how original;)


        • I too have health issues, I have a heart issue and thyroid issues. My children do too. My oldest who is 14 was born with Congenital Heart Disease which consists of ventricular septal defect, pulmonic stenosis and a murmur and my youngest child is 9 and she was born with cleft lip and palate and a heart murmur. My daughter also has anxiety, separation anxiety, depression and dyslexia. I am also very concerned that she may have aspbergers (SP) syndrome.


  2. Thank you for including my two year anniversary post in related articles. Hi. I’m Jennifer. jk the secret keeper. http://thesecretkeeper.net/ It’s nice to meet you. As you can see from my post, I started the secret keeper to have a place where I could share my feelings and to talk about issues that are usually kept secret. I wanted to open up and shout out loud that you don’t need to hide if you are in pain or abused or have what I call a Mentally Creative state of mind. There are other good ones that I have discovered along the way. My other favorites are Mentally Interesting and most favorite is Bipolar Brilliant Mind. I want to be part of those who try to end the stigma for all things that have been stigmatized. And I want to out those people who abuse children by bringing child abuse and any other brutalities into the open. Bullying is one of the issues I find very important to talk about and to find someway to make it stop. These are just a few of the serious sides of the secret keeper. I do have a lighted side. I love films, poems, music, art, photography and any form of artistic expression. I try to include these in all of my posts with the exception of film. I enjoy doing film reviews or at least drawing attention to films that I find to be good or great and worth a person’s time to see and enjoy. I write about films from the classics to the present. I, also, occasionally will feature the humour of comedians (M & F) who have a bite to them. I particularly like Bill Hicks, who died very young from cancer, but his humour is still quite relevant today. I must also mention that I can be rather outspoken if I believe in something and I will let it go with both barrels. So, this is some of what I am about. I think I am going to steal what I have written and post it on the secret keeper, also. It is a pleasure dropping by. I will return. A very intriguing way of getting to know people. I like this very much. jk the SK


    • Thank you very much:-) I too am very outspoken and tend to walk into a room with ‘both barrels open’ as you said,..lol sometimes I speak before I think. Especially if its something I am passionate about. I will check out and follow your blog. Please do come back. Thanks again!


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