~A Day In My Life~

There are days that are terrible and this happens for all of us,but today was a good day.The sun was shining from a virtually cloud-less clear blue sky, white pieces of already dead dandelions floating through the air,people all around talking and laughing, and the roaring sounds of the race cars as they warm up.

The four of us find the perfect spot on the side of Budweiser Hill, no shade tree to block the sun (since this is the first day without rain in over a week) we lay out our blanket and flop down, stretching our legs.

We spend hours watching the race cars circle the track. As the sun starts to descend over the back of the mountains, the final lap of the last race is concluded, and we picked up and headed home.

It is already after 7 pm and time to get the kids settled down for the night, well the youngest one anyways, Arianna. She takes a bath for school while James and Damion head out to go find a spot to turkey hunt in the morning and I am sitting here,…RELAXING!

How I can relax I don’t know with all of the issues going on in our home these last few weeks James’s accident and Gabe being gone, with the fact that we are getting behind a little more each day. It seems no matter how much we make, how hard we work, it is always something. And even though we had almost no money today, and we had a bill that should have been paid, it’s nice ONCE IN A WHILE to forget it all and have a day out with the kids,..just to love our family and relax. All of our problems will be here tomorrow:-) 

I find myself trying to be a better person, a better mom and a better ‘wife’ on days like today. I think I can be because I’m not stressed, worried about everything.

As I sit here and think about how great my day was it makes me think of those even less fortunate than myself. Like those that fought for us, and the reason that we celebrate Memorial day in remembrance of those loved and lost by our families, friends and neighbors. I think of the poor families in Oklahoma that just recently lost everything they had, some even lost their children, parents and pets. I realize on days like these how lucky I really am and I know in my heart that even though things seem terrible to me some days, somehow, some way it always works out for us in the end. It makes me wonder why I even worry and stress to begin with.

Please take a few minutes before bed tonight, and every night if you can and think about what you can be grateful for. I am grateful for many things tonight. I am grateful for my children and their love they give me just because, I am grateful for the man who has been here with me through good and bad for almost 13 years (even though we are not married) I am grateful that I have a home, clothes on my back, a CAR AGAIN! I am grateful that I am alive, most of all I am sooo grateful I am alive! 


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