I am a freelance writer and I am always looking for clients. I could write this the conventional way and talk about what I can and can not offer you, and I will to some extent, but I also want to tell you a little bit about me. (You can read more about me on my tab on this blog thats called ~about me~ LOL)

I am a mother of three children, whom I love very much. I have always had a strong passion for writing and this was formed over my whole life. I found that the only way to express myself was through my writing. It is easier to tell a piece of paper, or the computer screen your feeling’s and secrets because they don’t judge you or criticize you. I found it the easiest as a teenager to write poetry and some was beautiful and some was dark and deep.

I have some college ‘under my belt’ and had initially started my degree with a Major In Early Childhood Education, but my real passion is business. I am currently looking for an online college/university that specializes in Business.

I have had a few clients since I have started my own business, which hasn’t been all that long. I am so excited though because I have been retained to write a 200 page e-book for a new client. I gave the gentleman a quote for the price, and was blown away when he offered me $1200 MORE THAN WHAT I QUOTED HIM! I am excited about this new project and I am hoping to get new clients through this client.

I can give you 100% original (Never Spun!!!) content for your website, blog, e-book, school paper and much more. I am available as a one time writer or as a regular writer for you. My rates are competitive and reasonable.

If, after you have read this, and the other information about me, you are interested in retaining me my payments are as follows, for jobs under $200.00 payment is expected in full upfront, for jobs over $200.00 I require the following (25% of total for job is due UPFRONT before I will start) contact me either through this blog or email me at margodjohnson@gmail.com

I look forward to working with and for you.


Margo Johnson



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    • What would you like more information about? I am a freelance writer and I charge usually by the job, but sometimes by the word. I can be found all over the internet and I will answer any questions you may have. 😉


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