Everyday is the same…

But yet everyday is different.

I wake up and I am grateful for that,..especially since some are not so lucky;-(

The sun shines through my window and my children leave for school,

I get my morning coffee and sign on to my computer,..my true friend.

I get to work.

I start by reading ALL of my emails,

Then sign into my social media sites,..

Like Apsense,…which is my favorite site,

And I start my daily promotions of myself.

My freelance writing business, my dream;-)

I check my blog and respond to all of the comments I have received,

Hoping that one of my valued followers and readers may want my services…lol

I finish up all of my promotions, emails and comments,..

sign off…

And venture out into the real world to find a way to make money,..

This includes going around and talking to people about whether or not they would like a privacy hedge put in,..

Or if they have any scrap metal they want cleaned up free of charge.

Some days we make a couple hundred dollars,..

Other days we lose out money by putting in gas and driving around and getting no-where ;-(


It is hard having three kids and trying to make ends meet,..

especially when all of the sudden we get three  bills in the mail

Three bills that total over $3000.00….

And I am still waiting on starting my freelance job writing the 200 page book.


After the kids get home we make dinner and get them settled down,..

Some times we pack them up and head out for a few more hours looking for more ways to make money.


It seems like our everyday life consists of nothing but searching for money

So we can just live until the next day.



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