~Will Life Go On? Or is This The End of The World?~

Today is another gray, cloudy and rainy day. The outlook for the next week is the same.
This wet weather makes for sleepy days and an aching body. As we ride around looking for jobs, tree jobs, scrap removal jobs and the like, I feel like napping.
Since a nap is out of the question I decided to blog instead, (I’ll write it on my phone and send it to my email, then when I get home ill post this to my blog.)
Driving the back roads I see all of the damage from the ‘twister’ that happened during our severe thunderstorm last weekend, and I am thankful that it isn’t as bad for us as it was for those families in Oklahoma a few weeks ago. We do have power lines down and trees that are uprooted,…literally, and snapped off. I guess there was a home or two with some severe damage but no lives were lost.

I am not a religious person BUT the bible does predict that all of the horrible things we are experiencing all over the country now, were going to happen. All of this devastation caused by mother nature and by human terrorists is in the bible. It makes me think about whether or not the world really is coming to an end.

Will there be a world when my children have children or will the end come sooner and will we have to watch our children suffer? Is there really going to be an end or is it all just an odd coincidence that its all coming true. I know that I think of things like this on a daily basis.

I think of death and loss. Of whether or not we should save for college for our children. What would the point be, to save I mean, if the world is going to end? Then I think of all of the futuristic movies and wonder how much of that might really come true. People living in ways that the government has total control. Telling us when and where to go to the bathroom, how to brush our hair, how many children we can have and genetically modifying our children before conception so we have a boy or girl and they are absolutely perfect. Intelligent, beautiful and completely flawless.

No more genetic malformations or diseases. No person would exist that wasn’t perfect. Would we all be a form of robot’s, programmed to look, think and act the same? Would we lack what makes us individuals? Would the world only have ‘humans’ that have brown hair and brown eyes, perfect noses and smiles?

Would everyone have the same IO? Would we follow a routine that everyone else followed? Shower at 6am, breakfast at 7 and so on. I could keep going on and on as this is that kind of day but I won’t.

When I can get online I will do day 6 of my 31 day blog challenge. Please give me your take on my thoughts. I look forward to you replies.



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