~31 Day Blogging Challenge~ DAY 7

~31 Day Blogging Challenge~ DAY 7

My pet hates…


My dog hates certain people, but he would never dream of biting or being violent. He is very protective of my family.

One of my cats hates the new baby kitten we just got a few days ago. She hisses at the kitten. She is very jealous. LOL

Smokie (our two yr old cat) is the most lovable cat. She literally hugs people and loves to talk. She lets us know when she wants to eat and be held.

I personally don’t hate my pets but I would have to say that I HATE it when our dog chews everything I own. He has eaten my curtains, my sons cell phone, my daughters brand new shoes, he dolls and the list goes on and on. He also will go outside to the bathroom and then come in and go down the hall and poop on the kids bedroom floor.

He is one now and it seems like he is never going to learn.

Any advice on how to change this behaviour?



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