~I Work Hard,..is it not hard enough though?~

Today the sun is shining and we are headed to bolducs (a junk yard) to bring back some ferrious metals.

It is one of the ways we make money to feed the children and pay our bills.

On an ad I posted to craigslist a few days ago (see blog post below) I got a response from someone telling me that I wasn’t looking for work hard enough or doing what needs to be done to pay our bills.

The person who made that comment has no idea about how hard I work and what I do to provide for my family.

We go to random houses And Knock on doors trying to sell trees, letting people know we put in privacy hedges and mow lawns, we clean up scrap metal, and tear down buildings.

Our tree hedges we sell for less than most of our competition! We hand dig the cedars (tree) and then we hand dig the ditch for them and plant and trim them at the time of installation. All of that is included in our price. For $1200.00 we put in a 100′ (foot) hedge with 3-4 foot cedars, (this is an example.) prices vary depending upon length of hedge and the height of the trees. Our scrap removal service is free of charge.

We have dug, on our hands and knees, through piles of scrap, we have spent days from dawn to dusk busting our butts to make money. We mow lawns, and charge for that by the job. We mow rain or shine, we also weed-wack around the home and any other items in the yard.

I have my writing business too. My rates are very reasonable. I won’t write an article for dirt cheap though, as I have received an email from a gentleman asking what I charge to type a book for him,…he offered me 5 cents per page! I very nicely told him there is no way I would work that cheaply and told him that because he had everything done and he just needed it typed,..oh and he needed it edited too, that I would charge him $8.00 a page.

He responded and told me he would NEVER pay that much unless I had connections in NYC…lol. He then said that a friend told him he could “find someone on welfare to do it for 5 cents a page”..I wished him luck and let him know if he ever wants quality work to send me an email.

$8.00 a page is still quite cheap, but I thought I would be nice and give him a good rate. I even explained to him that I have an upcoming job that I am being paid $2500.00 to write a 200 page e-book…he said I must be a genius to get paid that much. I told him that this is my career and that no self respecting freelance writer/editor would accept the pay he was offering and then suggested he go to Elance and post what he is looking for there and he would likely find someone to do what he wanted for 5 cents a page..LOL

We do everything above for work and do this in between James logging and working for/with his father for a measly $100.00 a day. So I ask myself, was the person who said I wasn’t looking hard enough for work really thinking when they emailed me that or did they just feel like being an ass?

Is there anything else I could be doing to make money?

With a family of 5 there is never enough, money that is…..with all the work we do we are still struggling, and believe me we are not living above our means. We live on a 1/4 acre lot that we are buying, in a mobile home that needs cosmetic work,..thankfully we own the mobile home or we would be struggling even more.

I honestly think that no matter how much money you make you never get ahead. Not really. Vermont says they have one of the lowest cost of living compared to other states….I say that is a joke!!


 I wrote this on my smartphone and emailed it to myself. I think this is a great way to do it so when I get a great idea or want to blog, that is what I do.



8 thoughts on “~I Work Hard,..is it not hard enough though?~

    • That was my thought exactly. I wouldn’t want to work for/with someone that had such terrible manners and such low respect for others anyway. I feel bad for whomever works for Mr Atkins.


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    I reblogged this because I actually sw that things are not so different now,..well except that there is snow on the ground so we are putting trees in. LOL. I also do more online in the way of making money. I work with Instant Rewards for one,..but basically it was important for me to reread this and think about that day. Letting myself see where I was then and where I am now, even though there hasnt been a huge change there have been positive changes 🙂 There are more changes everyday, the biggest change is within myself and how I look at life.
    Please enjoy my blog and comment about anything:) Thank you!


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