~31 Day Blogging Challenge~ DAY 9

What are my worst habits?

I have had many bad habits throughout my life. When I was in first grade I used to twirl my hair and then chew on it, I bit my nails until I was in my teen’s. I used to curl my bangs in the 80’s style and roll my pant legs and where high tops and scrunchy socks..LOL


My bad habits that I have now are only a few,..at least I think so.

The very worst habit I have, and I can not seem to break is that I am a smoker. I have smoked since I was about 13 years old and I am now 35:( I have watched people I love die from this disgusting habit and yet I still can not seem to quit. I have quit temporarily a few different times and something always happens that I start up again.

My next bad habit is that I have a very hard time saying NO! Even if I am getting a bad deal I still can’t say no. I have tried to be a hard-ass and stick to my guns but I just can’t.

I also have a terrible habit of never putting my wants and needs first. I think this is partially because I am a mom but I know part of it comes from wanting others to be happy, even if it means that I will be miserable. I wonder sometimes if I am the only person in the world that has the tattoo SUCKER on my forehead..LOL!

I love to spend time on the computer, another bad habit, if you ask my children and James it is anyways,..but I am working. Whether it be blogging to get my name out there or advertising myself, or actually writing for a client. James hates it because I have joined so many MLM businesses in the past and been ripped off, so he thinks that the same thing is going to happen with my freelance writing. I assured him this isn’t going to happen and then implemented a solid rule for myself. When I get a new client, or a new job I let them know right away that if the job is under $200 then I require payment UPFRONT VIA PAYPAL OR CASH ONLY, if its over $200 then I require 25% of the total payment UPFRONT VIA PAYPAL OR CASH ONLY!! This was difficult for me to do, but after being ripped off through content mills and clients there I really had no choice but to do something different.

I also have a terrible habit of working with James and busting my tail off,..and getting nothing for it. I do all of our business advertising, talking with the customers, scheduling and billing, then I go out and actually get my hands dirty and do the work right beside him,..only to walk away with NOTHING! And if I ask for any money he comes up with some lame excuse as to why he isn’t paying me, or gives me $80! Like today we made $450.00 and he had a fit and threw $80 at me!! I work beside him everyday and NEVER get anything and the one time he gives me something its an issue. And he is outside running his mouth about me to my children because he thinks he gets to keep all the money WE make and I am supposed to shut up about it.  The truth be known, he treats me like this because he has worked for his father for 15 years and he does all of the work and I mean LITERALLY ALL of it and gets paid $100 a day while his dad gets to keep the difference for the job which is anywhere from $2000 to $5000 per job!!

I guess after reading this I would have to say that my worst habit I have is NOT respecting myself enough to put my foot down and do what is fair to me!


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