~31 Day Blogging Challenge~ DAY 10

What is my best physical feature?

Hmm,…I guess it would depend on who you ask,.lol. I personally don’t think there are many women out there that like much about themselves.


But, if I really have to pick a feature that I think is my best PHYSICAL feature, I would say my eyes.

I have a hard time picking out anything good about my looks. I am 5’3″ tall, weigh 138 LBS and have LONG red/strawberry blonde hair, that almost reaches my behind.  I have a large rear LOL and definitely do not like that. That is why I chose my eyes. I have green eyes, like cat eyes almost.

I think my eyes draw people to me. My eyes, everyone’s eyes are the window to the soul. My eyes tell so much about me. They let others know if I am sad, depressed or happy. I am easily read through my eye’s.

Many people would chose a different physical feature they like about themselves. I would really like to know what everyone else likes about themselves. Join this challenge OR just comment below and tell me your favorite physical feature and why.


Comments & Questions Are Welcome & Will Be Responded To As Quickly As Possible :)

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