Love is a complex feeling.

Canon Love

Canon Love (Photo credit: Francesca Special K)


Love is a complex feeling.


Love is kind














Concern and consideration


Listening to each other


Kind words












Love is more than a feeling it is also a state of being.


Love consists of;


Feelings of safety


Feeling happy,


Feeling supported


Feeling needed


Needing someone else


Showing respect


Sharing only kind words


Smiling from your heart


Showing each other kindness


Trusting each other no matter what


Sharing, everything…there is no “What is mine is mine and what is your is mine” in a REAL relationship,


Love is not;




Mean words that cut like a knife


Sadness that breaks your heart and makes you miserable


Distrust that eats at you daily


Dislike and disdain


Cheating, whether it be physical or emotional


Lies, even the little white ones and the ones that you don’t tell because you think you’re not lying if you just keep quiet,


Love isn’t screaming at someone


Making them feel worthless,


Accusations that are the farthest from the truth




Taking out your misery on the one you supposedly love


Rolling away every night


Not being intimate


Making your love feel like no matter how much they give up of themselves they will never be good enough for you.


Love is not expecting


The other to lose their backbone


To not stand up for themselves


To take away their pride


To listen to you put them down and expect them to accept it and still love you.


Love is supposed to be pure and amazing NOT shaky and scary.


Love isn’t supposed to make you lose yourself.


Love isn’t supposed to be one sided, with one giving up everything they have and care about to make only one person happy.


Love is supposed to be two people with an understanding, with feelings of trust and support.


Love is not controlling, expecting the other half of your relationship to give all and do all and sit and wait all the time while you live your life and they sit There alone,






Hating themselves, wanting to die, wishing it would happen because they know the only way out of their miserable existence is for it all to just end.







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