ATTENTION ALL WRITERS                                     


The Freelance Writers Den is reopening and ONLY accepting 300 new members.

Carol Tice is a Genius!!! All writers MUST read her work, get one on one help and actually make some money!!!

They will be opening to accept NEW members Wednesday morning. If you want to join then you MUST sign up now!!
They will only be open for 48 hours and then will NOT reopen for any new members until October or November!! 
If you want real honest tips and tricks to expand your writing business then join the Dens waiting list TODAY!!
DO NOT WAIT!! To join follow the link below!
For more information about the Freelance Writers Den, 
I am sorry this is so short and right to the point but I just got the email and wanted yto get the word out. If you are not on the waiting list your chances of joining are ZILCH!
Why wait until October?
I hope to see you there!!!



One thought on “The DEN IS OPENING FOR 48 HOURS!!!! You MUST JOIN TODAY!!!

  1. Life really DOES sucks some days, huh. Some OF those days – DO suck even worse than the day before that – & it’s so very hard to drag the proverbial ‘a$S’ out of that bed, whether that bed is a park bench, random bathtub in someone’s random apartment, off the carpet of the ‘friend’ you had to stay with but, in doing so, had to hide behind the couch, or- A BED!! (no–not what you think & yes I’ve delved that low, sorry to say!!) MY OWN!! Ahh to be grateful. GRATEFUL, you say? How DARE you! (ref/anyone, lol) These days I personally am grateful for MY OWN bed, thank you very much (Lord), along with a couple of cats, a nose full of cat hair & a mouth-full a half chewed cough drop (to get the taste of blood out of it, from rotten teeth that came with all of my UN grateful-ness.TMI? Naw, what the heck) with my cheek stuck onto my OWN pillow. Yes (atCHOO), I HAVE ‘been- there-done that’.

    It’s the fact that admittance is, or can be, a great sense of relief– almost cathartic in a matter of speaking. What one does WITH the admittance is the key. Will that, alone & itself- give ‘you’ (or me) the longer lasting relief that we need? That we desire? What we want is one thing but what we need– absolution– will that come from just admittance? Again, from a personal view & a proven one at that–admittance is great. Yay! But–what to do after that is what matters in life. The mundane daily struggles may be lightened, even for a bit, if there were pro activeness towards rebuilding ON that ‘A’ word, I’m not sure that penance of sorts is the answer, but it could very well be a single key in how ‘we’ wake up tomorrow. Pay back is often what the loose definition is: a bitch. (not sure on language ratings here?) YET it need NOT sound so harsh. Pay FORWARD is an easier term to deal with, plus that alone makes one feel better of themselves & it just may ‘count’ in the long-run. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is a quote from an unknown source, yet I have said it often & thought about it even more. When that hand DOES get bitten, the wounds take time to heal, IF they CAN be healed. The ‘hand’ may need to be operated on & or amputated–for the rest of the ‘host’ to survive~

    IF this makes any sense??



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