Break in and Bombing! Update

This is to update every one has read this and those that are following my story.
I also have a campaign to raise money for my family to repair the damages. If you can help by donating or sharing st the following link I would appreciate it so much

The local news, WCAX, got ahold of this story on Tuesday September 24th, four days after it had happened. They reported that the evidence had been sent to the state lab, that was a lie from the local police since I was finally asked to come in for an interview on Wednesday the 25th, by the Chief, Aaron Cochoran, and the evidence was still at the Hardwick Police Department. (being brought down that day supposedly)
The local news paper, The Hardwick Gazette, also never heard anything about it until it was on the news. The editor, Ross, had 52 minutes to investigate and write an article. I think he did an amazing job, its on page four under the editorial! Quite a few points were made by Ross in the article, such as how the officer on duty that night, Officer Daniel Locke, had NOT filed an incident report (also considered the POLICE REPORT) and the fact that when the paper received the weekly police log on Monday it said nothing about a car bomb or break in! It actually said there was an arson on Carey Road!! Of course the false arson statement made to the paper was removed from the log and the fact that it was even called arson was covered up by the chief saying,(I quote from the paper) “The log entry of the arson referred to the car bombing and it was listed that way because the computer system has only so many catagories; “car bombing” is not one of them.” It was also stated that they (the police) had “contacted the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, but had not received a call back”
I personally contacted the ATF myself on Monday morning, the 23rd, and was called back at about 1 PM that same day by the supervising agent, Jim Mostyn, who told me, “There had been no report of a bomb.” Then I was advised to call the State Police Bomb unit, they returned my call, they had not received a report either and could not step in unless HPD requested it.
There are issues I can not discuss in my blog due to the fact that it would harm the case, but believe me things are being looked into on my end by an attorney! I have also been receiving emails from an anonymous person with links to articles that could prove to be quite helpful in my case.
Except for the emails I have received no assistance from anyone or any organization except that the local paper is doing an article this week, and they are going to be following this case closely.
I posted an ad on Craigslist this past Saturday evening, stating what happened and asking if anyone had a cheap/inexpensive laptop or if anyone could loan or donate me one. I put links to the proof of my situation in the ad, such as to the WCAX site, “Hardwick Police are investigating a car bombing”, and also the WCAX TV facebook page, and of course this blog, and I also mentioned the article I discussed above…someone flagged my post as spam and Craigslist removed it.
Makes me wonder what the person who did that would do if they were in my situation.
My daughter, Arianna, has been so scared of even being home and on Monday afternoon after getting off the bus, she came to my bedroom window, I was on the phone with the state police, I tryed waving to her so she would know I was here. Apparently she didnt see me, after a moment I went to the front door to let her know I was here and all I saw was her backpack lying in the middle of my driveway. She had ran to a local business next door. When I asked her why, she was sobbing and said she “didnt dare come in” that she stated “I thought a robber was in our house mommy”! This breaks my heart. My son, Damion, wants to keep a loaded gun next to him, I won’t let him. My daughter can barely sleep at night, hollering to me over and over “I love you mommy!” And “Mommy I’m scared!” She has been sleeping in Damions room in the extra bed and she still is  having a very hard time.

Thank you for all of your support of me and my family.


3 thoughts on “Break in and Bombing! Update

  1. wow margo im so sorry to hear this.i havent heard anything about this and i must say it makes me very uneasy.i hope you find out who did this and get to the bottom of the hpds unprofessional approach to the situation.good luck and i hope your family feels safe soon.


    • Thanks Sue:) We are trying to work through it. Page four of last weeks gazette under the Editorial talks about it also there will be an article in tomorrows paper. I’m not surprised you didnt hear about it honestly. I will be posting updates whe I can, about what I can. Thanks again! Hope your family is doing well. 🙂


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