~ The police aren’t doing a thing!~

It has been over a month and I haven’t heard any news about the bombing.
The police have NOT talked to the witnesses nor have they checked into the actual criminal although they are very well aware of who did it.
A couple fridays ago another bomb was found on my road (not here) the bomb was defused by a member of the family and then the police were called. You would think that because of this the police would jump into action…yeah right!!
I know the evidence has already been looked at so I want to know what is going on.
Oh and the kicker of this whole crap situation…an officer that was NEVER involved in this case is reporting to local papers that he “reached in the car and accidently detonated the bomb” what a joke!!!! My neighbors heard the bomb go off at 10 pm..the police were called after midnight and only ONE officer showed up. My question is…Is this other officer trying to cover up fout the one that came here that night because he royally screwed up?
I don’t care what their reasons are but I do care that nothing has been done and I do care about the total lack of police professionalism!!!
I’m calling an attorney right now and I’m going to pursue a lawsuit! The officer that originally came here has lost a few lawsuits against him already for misconduct and for using a search warrent on a man that was the wrong man! He was supposed to be searching the home of a white male about 140-170 pounds with brown hair,…armed with a warrent he held a gun to the head of a 240 pound colored man, handcuffed him and ripped through his home. It was obvious he had the wrong man but he continued to go through with his search. He ended up becoming $12,500 poorer after that incident!
I’m not a money hungry person but justice needs to be served and my family needs the feeling of piece back and that is not going to happen until they do their job..even if I have to force their hand!!!

Hope everyone ids having a wonderful day. Also if you could help my family there is a post prior to this one with a link in it, this is a campaign I started hoping to raise enough money to repair whats been destroyed..although the emotional stuff money can’t fix and that will take some time. If you could please share my link that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated and if you can donate that would be amazing! Evety dollar counts and is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Margo D. Johnson
Freelance writer & Mom


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