Instant Rewards Network is NOT a scam!

So many times we look for a way to make money online only to run into wall after wall of scams or companies that just want to take your money. Instant Rewards is different!! You can actually join without spending a penny if you want to.

So what the REAL deal with Instant Rewards then?

Many big companies (think Walmart,, Gamefly) realized they were no longer getting their names out to the consumers the way they would like.


That’s simple,times have changed and DVR was invented. When was the last time you sat through a commercial and REALLY watched it?

So they (the big companies and an extremely intelligent man) came up with a plan to use an already connected consumer to drive other people to their ads and use their products or services.

That’s what Instant Rewards does, or should I say, we..the Online Referral Agents working with Instant Rewards Network does..LOL.

The companies offer free or low cost trials to services or products, such as a new hunting knife for your husband or son( think birthday or Christmas gift at an $80 value for ONLY $3!!! YUP!! you just pay shipping!) to get the word out.

So what does that mean for you? How do you make money with this system? All you have to do is go to their site to get started HERE!!!

There, you will be required to complete one of the trials. DON’T WORRY! Every new agent has to do this AND they have plenty of free trials that you can do.

Make sure that you keep track of any offers you complete. You will get an awesome back office where you can send reminders to yourself to cancel so don’t worry:)

They ask that you do between 75%-90% of the trial period and then you can cancel at no cost!

To begin making money, you need to do 1 credit worth of offers. I actually did the offer which cost me $0 to start but I wanted to upgrade to make more money so over all it cost me about $15 AND I got some really amazing stuff, like the hunting knife and a new diet system I had wanted to try but couldn’t afford, but really what’s $15 when I started making money on day 6!!

Think about it this way, when you start a new job you will probably need to purchase something, whether that be new clothes or equipment or even gas to geet to a new job. So $15 is really nothing when starting to make money with a real company.

Once you have your 1 credit, you can start making money for yourself.


Simply get your message out to others. I use many free sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Apsense, and online free classifieds like Adlandpro (which you can earn money through for posting your ads); to get the word out.

Just enter your own personal web page link and then anyone who joins the system under you will earn you money that can either be transferred to your PayPal or bank account. I prefer to put my phone number and/or email address in the ad, but that is completely up to you!

Not sure what you’re doing?

You will be given a personal mentor (ME!) that will help you along the way.

Any questions or concerns you may have will be answered within 24 hours, but usually MUCH faster.

At Instant Rewards we really do work as a team to help us all make money from home so there are many different support groups that you can get answers to your questions from if i’m not available, no need to be nervous and no question is dumb! So ask away! (Don’t worry we have all probably asked the same question ourselves before)

Worried about getting paid?

I am so excited for you to join,..I can hardly hold it together:)

As you can see, ^^^^ this is not a get rich scheme, but it is legitimate.

The more I’ve used it, the more money I have made.

Now keep in mind you won’t be able to quit your job and pay all your bills on your first day, maybe not your first week or even your first month, BUT you will be able to make a little extra money for whatever you need it for.

Best part is, you can get paid every day if you want to as long as you have made a referral that day!

So if you’re ready to get started today, click on this link  HERE and start working towards making money tonight.

If you have any questions about Instant Rewards just go to the buttons below to contact me directly or email me at and send me a message, I would be more than happy to help in any way I can.


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