A great Way To Start Making Money On The Internet.

I often wonder what keeps me going, what makes me want to keep on keeping on. I made a whole $39 this week so far and its already Wednesday, it’s not money I can access immediately which bothers me. I am sure that not having immediate access would not bother me if I was in a different place financially. I guess the fact that I am able to make money at all while I sit home is what makes me want to keep doing it.

I am a freelance writer and I am hoping that business will pick up for me there but in the meantime I have to do something,..right? Well I do.

That is where Instant Rewards comes in, and although I havent worked hard this week (which is why I haven’t made much money) I definitely haven’t given up. 

Instant Rewards is Passive Income, meaning that I can make money right then.I also can get PAID DAILY if I want to.

It’s a very simple job and I firmly believe that anyone can do it.

I have to get people to join and then once they join I walk them through the offers they need to do in order to get my commssion and to get them in a position to make money themselves. Instant Rewards pays well. I get paid $20 up to $130 per referral that has completed their offers and once the people on my team start getting people to join I make a 5% bonus everytime they refer someone and their referral completes their offers,..and on goes the cycle.

If your new to marketing online; Instant Rewards is a great place to start because you can start making $60 per referral for a one-time investment of $3.00 or you can get $130 per referral with a one-time cost of about $15.

The one-time cost is NOT for Instant Rewards it is for the offers needed to be completed to meet the requirements. Basically it looks like this:

Easy ($20)

SnapFIsh.com offer is .20 credits and you get 20 FREE 4×6 prints (pay for shipping) this cost LESS than $2.00 (cost me $1.90)

Fast3Creditscores.com offer is .80 credits and is FREE, this is a 14-day trial. Once you complete this offer you are at one (1) credit and are able to promote that referral link and start making money.

PayPal ($40)

Creditreport.com offer cost $1.00 and is .45 credits. This is also a 7 day trial. Combined with the following offers you will meet you one (1) credit for this link and you can promote that referral link and make money. The other two offers from this level are;

Freecreditscore.com offer is another offer worth .45 credits, this is a FREE 7 day trial offer and your at .90 credits.

E-Music.com is the last offer for this level and this is also a FREE 7 day trial offer. You receive $10 in credit towards music downloads.  

Thats it. Now you can promote the two referral links and make $60 over and over. You can stop here and make $20, $40 or $60 per completed referral. This means referrals sign up, do their offers thus meeting their requirements.

Now if you like to make more money you can take it one more step and do one final link. This link is called the ’60’ link because it pays you $60 BUT you actually get $70 for this link. Now this is considered a bonus but was originally implemented so that you could pay the referral back for completing this link. (I do this but not every sponsor does) This link is a little harder to get people to complete because A)it seems overwhelming B) it costs more and C) they have to do quite a few offers and this can take about a half hour for this one link alone. So approach people with caution..lol.

The offers needed to complete this (the cheapest way) are;

ProtectMyID offer .20 credits and cost $1.00. 

Equifax offer .30 credits and is $4.95.

Gamefly offer is .30 credits and is a 30 day FREE trial offer. This one is great if you have kids that play a WII or any gaming system.

Sensa Weight Loss System offer  .25 credits and cost $4.95. This offer gives you two full months of Sensa Diet System. Just shake and lose.

So see for another $10.90 you can make another $70 per referral. Again this is only a ONE-TIME COST!

So if you want to go the entire way, make the highest commission (on my team) it will cost you a ONE-TIME amount of $14.90! Now thats not bad considering that you can use this system for life to make money and never ever spend another red cent.

If you remember I said I could be paid daily if I wanted to and that is very true. The way I do it is I wait until before I go to bed and I ‘Submit’ for my ‘Prize’. This way when I get up the next morning I will have my money in my PayPal account.

There are other ways to get your ‘Prize’ besides PayPal. The choices you have are Check, Direct Deposit and PayPal. They also have a custom prize and I honestly don’t know much about that. I prefer PayPal because I do receive my payment so quickly, obviously getting a check or direct deposit will take you longer.

If you choose PayPal (which I recommend) make sure you have a Business/Non-Profit account and that you apply for the ‘PayPal Debit Mastercard’; the account and the card are free. This will give you the ability to spend your money as soon as you get it in your account. 

If you join and complete your required offers you could honestly get five people to join and make $650 by this weekend. I am not going to promise that you will make any money at all because I don’t know you or your work ethics. Obviously you must be disciplined and work if you are going to earn any money at all.

So as you can see Instant Rewards is a great way to start earning money and it is the cheapest way to get started making money online.

If you would like more information or you want to join this amazing opportunity you can contact me directly at margodjohnson@gmail.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/margoj3

I would love to have you on my team!

P.S. If you join ALL THREE links so you can make $130 per referral make sure you mention this code 20BUCKSBACK  I will give you $20 once you are a verified Agent on my team (takes about 12-24 hours) Also you will need a credit card to complete your offers PREPAID cards do not work for the offers, but no need to worry because Instant Rewards will never gain access to your private information, doing the offers is no different then going directly to the site and entering your information. IRN just becomes the middle man and you are redirected to the offers website.

So what are you waiting for? Are you still worried? Go watch this video (orientation video this is 14 minutes long but leaves nothing out.) http://youtu.be/tiQt7Y0ukpE


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    • Thank you!! That is a HUGE compliment and I would Love to have you on my team. It is individuals like you that I am looking for!! Please keep in touch and if you would like you can email me at my direct email margodjohnson@gmail.com. Please Mark important or something so it doesnt go to my spam. I rarely go through the spam because I get atleast 1000 a day. 🙂 Please come back often!


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