Deregulation & Why I Chose North American Power

What Is Regulation?

In certain areas across North America, energy prices remain regulated. This means that all energy providing processes including pricing are governed by a regulatory or government body, with only the local utility able to sell directly to consumers. The utility or government set the prices for natural gas and electricity supply, along with the associated transportation and distribution costs associated with those commodities. Consumers therefore have no choice when it comes to their energy provider. 

What Is Deregulation?

Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout North America. It has allowed competitive energy suppliers, such as North American Power, to enter the markets and offer their energy supply products to consumers. Energy prices are not regulated in these areas and consumers are not forced to receive supply from their utility. In deregulated markets, consumers can choose their supplier, similar to other common household service providers. The marketing of these services is still regulated.

Why Is Deregulation Important?

Deregulation gives consumers choice  the power of the buyer. A deregulated market allows you to choose your commodity supplier. It also motivates retailers to differentiate their products from the utility and those of competitors by developing innovative features, pricing plans and options that would have otherwise not been available to you.  Green energy products are an example of innovative programs made possible by retailers like North American Power. In deregulated electricity markets, these products support the generation and injection of renewable energy into your electricity grid, making it greener than it otherwise would have been. In a deregulated natural gas market, these green products support emission reduction projects that prevent polluting gases from entering the atmosphere and help contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

What Does This Mean For You?

The utility is still responsible for the distribution of the commodity to your home regardless of the supplier you choose. The supply price however is not set by that same utility. Depending on where you live, you may continue to be billed by your utility with a mention of your supplier, or be billed directly by your supplier.

It’s your right to choose!

Competitive rates

You now have options to choose your provider, like North American Power, to offer competitive pricing.

Innovative products

With more competition in the market, you benefit from a variety of product options that may have otherwise not been available to you, including Green Electricity and Clean Gas, which ensures that the equivalent of up to 100% of the energy you consume is offset by sustainable energy sources.

No service interruptions
Although your natural gas and/or electricity supply will be coming from a new source, your local utility/distribution company will continue to ensure the consistent delivery of the energy to your home.
Okay..So you already knew all of that right? 
Well..Then I will also tell you what sets North American Power apart from all of the other companies that offer similiar products and services.
North American Power gives you the right to choose, as mentioned above, but they also pride themselves in being one of the only companies that put their business in the hands of their customers.

-When you become a customers of North American Power you are immediately sent a $50 Visa Gift Card as their way of saying thank you for being a customer. Refer 2 friends as customers in the 48 hours (until February 28th 2014) and get another $100!!!

-They offer customers something that NO other company does and that is the ability to earn FREE Energy through their FREE Energy Challenge. Become a customer and refer 20 friends and/or family as customers and you have earned FREE energy. This means no more light bill for some!! (this doesn not mean you do this every month either, get 20=get free energy..period!)

-North American Power donates $1 per month that you are a customer to the charity of YOUR Choice!

-They also offer a way for average everyday people like you and me to start and grow our OWN business with their company. We get two free websites, impeccable training and the most amazing support.

So a quick re-cap:

NAP Helps People Save On Their Monthly Utilities Through Their Competitive and Fixed Rates Plans

NAP Gives People The Ability To Earn FREE Energy

NAP Donates To Charity

NAP Helps The Environment

NAP Give People Like You And Me The Ability To Completely Change Our Lives…


Believe me this is really just the tip of the iceberg with North American Power.  There is so much more and I could go on and on, instead of doing that I am going to let you take a look yourself. Prove to yourself that they are the best choice for people that want to save and even people that want to work at home, spend time with their families and make a wonderful income at the same time.

North American Power is the choice of Millions…They can’t all be wrong now can they? 

Check Them Out -> Click Here

Want to see a Video –>> Click Here


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