I Am Back!

What a year I have had,…time to fill everyone in and get back to posting regularly on here.

Our summer began the way it always does and we started it by spending our days at Nichols Dam in Woodbury, Vermont; swimming, sunning and spending time with friends we haven’t seen in about 6 months. This year we became friends with a couple and their 5 boys.

We decided to go camping with them one weekend and the next thing we knew we were camping every weekend with them. They are the only people we have found that are exactly like us,..normal! Being surrounded by people that believe in laughter and fun was the best way to spend our time.

Before we knew it the summer was coming to an end and school was upon us.

My daughter is in 6th grade this year and this is so far the best year she has had. She has been bullied from the time we moved back to Hardwick, Vt in 2010 and even though there are a couple children that try to pick on her and bully her still the majority of the children are finally growing up and because of this she is making friends. She is finally spending nights away and this makes my heart swell.

Arianna :-)

My son Damion is a Sophomore and will be graduating this year. He goes to school from 8 am to 10 am and works the rest of the day as part of his graduation plan. He would be going to regular classes but last year was a difficult year for him, he got into the only two fights he has ever been in in his entire life, both fights were in defense of himself,..bullying seems to be a common problem around here and nothing gets done to remedy this issue. Due to the two fights the school decided that it would be best for Damion to get on a fast track program to graduate this year. He is excited about this and he realizes that this is an opportunity to get ahead in life.

Both Damion and my fiancee James got two deer each during bow season. Damion got a 131.1 pound 5-pointer and a 124 pound doe. James got two (2) doe; 124 pounds and 147 pounds.  The pictures of Damion’s deer are below.


Halloween was actually fun this year, I say it like this because most years it is cold and nasty out and all of my children except Arianna are too old. Myself, James, Arianna and Damion all went trick-or-treating and we had a great time. It is times like that night, when its only our family (even though we are surrounded by a mass of people) that I love the most.


I am finally going to start focusing my energy on my online business’s and writing again. I am excited about it and ready to go. I have missed my many friends online and the confidence I had when I was making others happy. There are so many people that work online and do it only for themselves. I personally love working at home because I am able to help others change their lives, I do this by pointing them in the right direction or by helping them with their website and articles. I take pride in placing a smile on their face, helping them hold their heads up and following their dreams.

I could write forever about everything that has happened but I want to get busy helping people achieve their dreams and realize their full potential, help them to help themselves!

I will be back soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “I Am Back!

    • I have been trying to have a great year. I am going to be writing another post soon to update everyone. I have recently joined a mentor-ship company that has literally changed my life. Mindset is key to success in every area of my life and because of the free training I am currently going through I have seen a lot of positive changes in myself. Please watch out for my new post!

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