ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS! Winter is Upon Us Time To Pitch In Again!!

ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!

Last year on December 4th 2013, my daughter and I wanted to raise money for the school for children and families that have limited funds. Many families are barely able to heat their homes this time of year and although winter clothing isn’t as expensive as heat, having help purchasing these items can be a God send to many families. Unfortunately we started this campaign a little too late last year and we only raised $10.00,..this was only able to help one child get a hat and pair of gloves.

I spoke with Arianna, who is now 11; and she decided she wanted to give this a go again this year. So here we are updating this post, re-blogging it and sharing it in hopes that people are willing to reach out and help others. This is the time of year to give and be selfless. So we would really appreciate it if everyone could at the very least take a moment and hit share on this post. If your able to donate then please do so by following the directions below.
We were talking and if its possible to raise enough we would be willing to help children in the schools in the towns surrounding ours.
Every dollar counts! Every donation, whether actual items needed or monetary donations are appreciated and will go towards helping a child or family who otherwise could not afford these items.

**Remember hat’s, glove’s, ski pants & boots are not a luxury item,..we live in Vermont and these items are necessities.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reach out and help!

I can be contacted through this campaign and by email @ margodjohnson@gmail.com (Subject: Winter Clothes)

I really hope that we are able to raise enough money to help others, this is something that is important to me but even more important to my beautiful daughter, Arianna 🙂

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions and concerns you may have.
To read more or to make a donation please visit our page @ ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!

***Also for those that would rather donate the actual items instead of cash you can mail/ship the items to:

ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 Children!
c/o Margo Johnson
42 Carey Road
Hardwick, Vt 05843
(802) 473-2521
Please if you send clothing donations make sure they are in excellent to brand new condition and all sizes are welcome!
(If this is a success I will not ever pull down this campaign and every year at this time we will be able to help children and families that need it.)

Stay at Home Mom Tells All

ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!

Living in a small town has its downfalls and resources to help those in need are limited. My ten year old daughter, Arianna, came home from her bible study last week and asked me of a way we could help others, since we have asked for help in the past I felt this would be a great way to give back.

I have been looking around me and notice some children wearing jackets that are a little to small, or ski pants with tears in the knees, boots that have obviously been handed down and it saddens me. 

My daughter and I are hoping that people with donate out of the kindness of their hearts, that they will think back to a time when they needed a helping hand, when someone gave them $5 for gas or a jacket that was collecting dust…

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