If I had Only Had This Mentor 4 Years Ago,..

As many of you know I have been online trying to make money for 4 years. I have made some money with different systems, programs and businesses BUT never have I made the amount of money I needed to make.

Until now that is! I became a member of Unlimited Profits! 

I have been told that I needed a mentor many times but I always felt like I could do this myself, I didn’t need any help because I knew it all. NOT!

No one knows all there is to know about making money online. NO ONE!

I finally have a mentor, and before you even think this,…it DOES NOT cost thousands of dollars, it does not cost hundreds of dollars,..it cost me $99 a month! That is all!

You are probably thinking that I must be naive and being taken for a ride because there is no real mentor that is going to teach me anything for that tiny little amount,..$99 cannot possibly be getting me anything except for ripped off. Right??


Like I said I joined Unlimited Profits and I now have a mentor that is helping me change my entire life. Because of my mentor the sun actually shines in my world again. 🙂

Who is my mentor in Unlimited Profits?

I am being mentored by Robert Hollis Sr! This man is known for creating 45 millionaires. He has himself made over $43 million dollars in this industry. Robert went from living what he thought was his dream, being an auto mechanic and then one day he tried to catch a van that was falling and his career was over. He struggled, did anything he could to take care of his son because at the time he was a single father. He met the man who was going to become his mentor, who was making $60,000+ a month. In Robert’s first month he made $10,000! He was going door to door, standing outside malls and restaurants, talking on the phone to people, selling them water filters.

Robert decided that he now has enough money and so he now has a new goal, to create 100 millionaires. This dream of his is definitely possible because of the system that he designed for people who are struggling, for people who have never made any money on the internet and for people who have not even considered making money online.

The system teaches us how to change our mindset and go from struggling to succeeding. Unlike many other so called mentors, Robert doesn’t leave anything to chance. He can’t. Not if he wants to reach his personal goals anyway.

Why would he do this? Why would he charge only $99 a month to make other people rich? Well, that is simple, he is doing this because he is selfless, genuine, understanding, loyal and he wants nothing more than to help people live a happier life. I will be doing a live interview with Robert in the next couple weeks and I will be sure to post it here because I want you all to see what I see in this man. He is already changing my life and all I have done is sign up for the free training and then upgraded.

Did you catch that? I said FREE training….

He offers 3 different levels to the mentoring membership site. FREE, SIM (Success In Minutes) & PRO.

The levels break down as such:

FREE members get access to 200 hours of free mentoring, a 30 day trial to the Advanced Contact Manager and are paid $5 for each SIM upgrade and $5 for each PRO upgrade, this is residual income. You also get your affiliate links for free 🙂


SIM members are the first level of paid members. At the SIM level you get a done for you customizable blog, unlimited capture pages, the funnel system that makes the ‘sales’ for you and the advanced contact manager. At the SIM level you are paid $5 for each SIM upgrade and $5 for each PRO upgrade. This again is a monthly residual income. To upgrade to SIM it cost $14.95 a month.

The last membership level is the most important, most valuable level.


PRO membership cost $99 a month (Or $997 a year). The PRO Mentorship Program gives you weekly Pro Membership calls, 50+ hours a week of PRO mentorship recordings, PERSONAL one on one live interview that you record and post on YouTube (Robert posts it on his YouTube also) to be used to brand yourself and for your personal marketing purposes. You also get a FREE Download of his number one (#1) best selling book “How’s That Working” As a PRO members you receive 51% commission on all SIM and PRO members which is $7.50 for each SIM member and $50 for every PRO member A MONTH. With the residual roll ups on all FREE and SIM members you make up to 85% payout on the compensation plan.

This does not include the check match bonus that you get on your top 3 earners out of every 10 paid members you have. I do not want to get into this too much because the money is NOT what is important to me but ill post one more picture that explains that aspect.


Many people start out at the free level so they can see what Robert offers in the way of mentoring and end up upgrading to the PRO level. Then they turn around and make it mandatory for the people that are interested in their main business (IF they have a different one) to go through the entire mentorship program. This means that the people who join their business are serious and it weeds out the tire kickers or time wasters.

If we are working towards our own success the worst thing to do is waste time on people who will never be ready. Those that are serious but just aren’t ready will eventually come around but we cannot waste precious minutes of our day trying to convince them that they need to do this now. When they are ready they will join, all you can do is slowly drip on these people through your own success.

Like they say “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.” 

I will be absolutely updating you as I progress, there is so much that I want to fill you all in about from the things I have learnt about myself to the success stories of the amazing people using this system. I will be a $100,000 a year earner with Unlimited Profits and I would love for you to join me.

Comments & Questions Are Welcome & Will Be Responded To As Quickly As Possible :)

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