~About Me~

I am a 35-year-old mother of three beautiful children. We live in Vermont, one of the most beautiful states in the USA! My children are ages 10, 13 and 15 and they are the reason I am alive. I have been through so many different struggles in my life, more than most and because of my love for my children, I have pulled through.

English: Front view of the Vermont State House...

English: Front view of the Vermont State House (taken Sept. 23, 2004) © 2004 Matthew Trump Category:Images of the Vermont State House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people say that I am one of the strongest people they know, I believe that I am just a survivor. You have no choice in life other than surviving. My entire life has been one obstacle after another, and I just keep on keeping on.

I am an Independent Representative with North American Power; an energy company that helps people save on their energy bill or get them FREE! and love being able to help others with this business. There are different products with this business, green electric and clean gas and American Wind,..but the biggest product we have is called the FREE Energy Challenge! This company is an energy company,..technically but we are really a people company! We love to help people from all walks of life and help them gain some freedom; freedom from stress and freedom of time and finances! Anyone ages 18 to 200 can do this business and be successful!

I am also an Independent Representative with MyFUNLife, which is a mobile app company allowing people to have fun and make money at the same time. They currently have three travel apps based around vacations and places to stay but are going to be launching a total of 12 apps around travel, fun, health ect,…This company was created my an innovative 16 year old and anyone ages 16 to 200 can do this business.

Both of these companies are willable to your children, the income and the business itself. Both can be put in trust until your children are 18 years old.

I am also an Online Referral Agent with a company called Instant Rewards, they are partnered with companies like Walmart, Disney ect,..Fortune 500 companies, the companies pay us very nicely between $20 to $130 (some times more) per qualified referral. To become qualified you must sign up (which is free) and complete some trial offers. Some offers and commission levels are free to do but the levels 2 & 3 cost about $10-$12 combined,..so to make up to $130 per referral you must invest a ONE-TIME cost of about $15. This is easy to do and all you do is place ads and walk people through the sign up and completion of offers.

I do have my own freelance writing company, called JP Freelance Writing Services. I write anything for anyone,..literally. My rates are very reasonable and competitive and all work is 100% original, never copied ever!

I promote tools and trainings that help others online succeed at whatever business they are doing and these tools can be free up to a few hundred dollars, but when someone wants to use or purchase a larger ticket tool or training I offer them a $1.25 solution to making the money quickly and easily so anyone anywhere, no matter what their income or education can and will succeed online!! (Interested in any trainings that are based on leads and social media, marketing, or MLM ask me and I will give you the appropriate information)

Other than all of that I am a caring individual that wants to see all of the suffering in the world come to an end and that means more more homeless, starving people, no more wars and a cleaner brighter future for everyone. We all deserve the very best so I do my very best to help people get what they deserve.

I have dreams and I will acheive those dreams some day very soon and I believe no matter how old you are you are never too old to dream and definitely NEVER too old to schieve them!
If you want to reach out to me and talk about one of the businesses I discussed above you can email me at napfuture4u@gmail.com or call me at (234) 200-6056 (leave a message Please?)
P.S. If you want to start towards your goal to your success and money is an issue,..never hesitate,..I have a solution for you. No need to be too ashamed to call me or email me to get the information. I am posting this solution on my profile for you. Use the tool I am posting below and go out there and achieve your dream! Let nothing hold you back! Now check out this tool and ill see you on the other side of success!!

A ONE-TIME payment of $1.25 WILL get you unlimited funds, you can use this program as a stand-alone money maker, an online profile builder or a feeder program to get into a higher ticket program or to give to your prospects so they can afford your business!

Invest $1.25 ONE-TIME and the system auto-cycles you and auto-upgrades you to the next level!
Payment levels are $1.25; $2.50; $5.00; $10.00 & $20.00 you can start at the bottom and it will cycle you up from your PROFITS all the way to the top! Or you can pay less than $50 One-TIME and do them all and really roll in the money!!

Oh and you also 100% commissions for BIGGER payouts this makes it possible to turn your tiny little one-time investment of $1.25 into $100’s!!

So..use this tool/system yourself or you can send your downlines and prospects to this system and watch them succeed and be hapy for them when they start to see the $$ roll In!!

FreeToolBox System!!

Please feel free to comment on anything I write, ask questions…I love to interact with my readers and followers.

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