Please Help Us Pay Damion’s Medical Bill’s

I don’t usually do this, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I was hoping you could either help; even $1.00 helps or at least share this on your social media sites and blogs please?


We (my family) has no extra money (just the donated money so far) and 9 days to figure out how to come up with the money for a place to stay to pay for our food. It is myself, my boyfriend and my daughter needing a place to stay while our son has his surgery.

Damion’s insurance will cover some of the operation but not all and not his medication or hospital stay.

They will not allow us to stay with him as siblings are not allowed to stay there. His sister has severe AD/HD & Autism and this affects her severely and is going to make is very difficult on her.

Please help us pay for his operation, his medicine, our food & a place to sleep if you can?


My son is and has been violently sick since July 2014, and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him until Thursday 1/15/15, he has hydroureteronephrosis.

His procedure is Jan. 27, 2015, a Laparoscopic Robotic Pyeloplasty. During the procedure they will find out what is wrong exactly meaning they are not exactly 100% sure what it is but will fix it while they are in there.

He has either Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) or a Congenital (Hereditary) abnormality that produces a narrow ureter & causes a nearby blood vessel to strangle the ureter.

He will stay for at least 3 days and during that time we can’t drive 1.5 hours one way back and forth to home (besides he is scared and doesn’t want to be alone) we needs money for food, shelter and medical costs.

The link for people to share this or donate to help us is at Please Help Us Pay Damion’s Medical Bill’s

I am afraid that because of his congenital heart disease he will not make it through the surgery, this  fear could be unfounded but I am his mom and it is normal to worry. The doctor did say there are several things that go wrong besides the heart issue, he could get infections, the kidney could fail and a few other less serious things.

We have raised $100 ($95 after Paypal fees) and its going to cost well over $20000 but I didn’t want to be greedy nor did I dare to ask for that much money from people I don’t know. I have spoke to friends and family and they will see what if anything they can afford to do.

Plumfund sends the money to Paypal and I am having any money raised outside the fund also sent to my Paypal, if you would rather send the money directly to Paypal and not through the website my Paypal email is

If your not comfortable sending money online at all you are welcome to send it directly to us @ only cash or money
orders made out to me because he has no ID yet and cant cash it otherwise,..
For Get Well cards mail too’;
Damion Johnson
C/O Margo Johnson
42 Carey Road
Hardwick, Vermont

For donations mail too: (Please Mail ALL donations in the form of cash or Money Order only filled out to me, as I said he has no Identification at this point)
Margo Johnson
42 Carey Road
Hardwick, Vermont
Feel free to call me also 802-473-2521
Or send directly to Paypal (Which is where the payments are sent to anyway) at <<<Paypal email

I do not know how to thank people for helping my son get through this but know please that I will always have a special
place in my heart for you; as will Damion and the rest of my family.

With Love,
Margo, Damion, James & Arianna

~God Bless You All~

Can’t wait until our son is back to his normal, happy self. He is so upset about being laid up for several weeks, I need
to find something for him to do to occupy him.

) at

I do not know how to thank people for helping my son get through this but know please that I will always have a special
place in my heart for you; as will Damion and the rest of my family.

With Love,
Margo, Damion, James & Arianna

~God Bless You All~

Can’t wait until our son is back to his normal, happy self. He is so upset about being laid up for several weeks, I need to find something for him to do to occupy him.


This is Damion before he got sick, I can not wait for him to be like this again. 🙂


Independent Representatives WANTED IMMEDIATELY!!!

Company: North American Power

North American Power is one of the nation’s fastest-growing energy suppliers, earning a spot on Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Underscored by a commitment to philanthropy, sustainability and financial independence, North American Power is giving Americans the power to choose a brighter energy future and earn cash rewards for sharing its products with family and friends. Based in Norwalk, CT, the company currently serves electric and Natural Gas customers in CT, NY, NJ, MD, PA, OH, IL & NH with plans to expand to additional markets in 2013. For more information, visit

Industry: Oil & Energy

Position Experience: Not Applicable

YOUR BUSINESS Functions Include (not limited to): Administrative, Advertising, Consulting Customer Service, Education, General Business Marketing, Other Public Relations, Purchasing,  Research Sales, Training, Writing/Editing your ads and PR’s, Customer Service, PBR (Private Business Reception) THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS TREAT IT AS YOUR BUSINESS 

Employment Type: Full-time Part-time, Temporary, ect..this is your business work it when you can, fits into your life.

Business (job)Description

Overview- I am posting this as a JOB but this isnt a JOB this is your OWN business!!

-Have no boss, no set hours, no inventory, no deliveries, we have a product that everyone NEEDS!

-Help businesses and homeowners reduce their energy electric and natural gas bills — we are a one stop shop for energy utility bills with savings of 10-25% all the way to 100% SAVINGS (more information about this in our FREE Energy Challenge)

-Sell natural gas & electricity through industry leading suppliers that cover 11 states nationally for energy and growing to the other 39 states by the end of 2015 and hold contracts with big names like the local colleges, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, apartment complexes

-Offer fundraising for free for schools, churches and other non-profit organizations

-Several ways to get paid – residuals, commissions, arc bonuses, rank bonuses ect.. You get paid every time a customer pays his gas & electric bill; every sign-up of a new customer or rep; overrides and more!

-Ongoing contests, car and lifestyle bonuses and company trips

REwards app that gives reps/customers access to exclusive savings at over 300,000 retailers nationwide

No experience necessary-full training and unlimited support; the best of any company in this industry or any industry

-Outstanding opportunity for those with backgrounds in commercial real estate, large network of business owners or can actively seek new energy customers

-EXCELLENT Opportunity for Veterans, Disabled, Parents, Single Parents, Business owners, EVERYONE!!

-Recession proof job — people always need and use energy!

Will the business and the income to family members!

There is NO CAP on your earnings or on how big YOUR business can grow!

Many more benefits that make this company stand out for the others!

The only “Requirements” (used lightly)  I would like for individuals/businesses that come into my organization arethe desire to earn income and be willing to talk to other people. BE COACHABLE and WILLING TO LEARN! 

Must Be 18+ years old with either a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and reliable internet!!

It is important that you are passionate to some extent about what the company offers and what we as business owners within the company offer others; because without passion most don’t succeed.

You must be driven, dedicated, motivated and hardworking. or be willing to be all of these things!

This business is for everyone!

I personally feel those that benefit the most are those that NEED the most. That is not judgemental but I have been in a position where I struggle daily and I know what it means to NEED this as much as WANT this!

*I would love to help people get off of state assistance and make a footprint of their own!

*I want to help those that are on disability increase their income and not rely on the measly state benefit, help people get off of social security!

*I want to help take single parents out of the two or three jobsthat  they are working and teach them the business so they are able to spend time with their children; no more daycare, no more commute!

**Most importantly,.for me anyhow is that I want to help people who have to make the choice between feeding their children or paying their bills not have to make that choice anymore because there is NOTHING worse than being in this position!

This is for: 

College students that need money to live but dont have time for a job, those paying their tuition, or paying off their student loans

People looking to pay off their debt

Veterans, Disabled who need more money than the meager amount they are given monthly to live on

Single parents that are struggling

Families that want to improve their lifestyle

Businesses that want to increase their income and lower their overhead

Indviduals that just want to save money

I just want to help everyone help themselves.

This is for USA residents ONLY!

This is FREE for residents of Ohio, Maine, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Conneticut, Maryland, Georgia and Illinois that have an energy bill (ellectric). And for people that know someone in those states with an energy bill

For people outside of these states it is $20 a month and this is for your Renewable Energy Certificate!

The training is second to none, the support is amazing and you get two free websites!

NEW customers (everyone who joins the company) recieves a $50 Visa gift card for joining

Earn free energy even if you dont want to do the business by referring 20 people as customers if you chose 25% green energy or refer 15 people if you chose 100% green energy plan.

Contact me via email at or call me at (234)200-6056 for information or to sign-up and become a customer or a representative.

Finishing Touches

Veteran Commitment 

Want to help veterans find work? Check the box below to make it easier for veterans to find this job.

Yes, my company is committed to helping veterans find work

How candidates apply

  • Notify me by email: (please put NAP BIZ or NAP CUST in subject)
  • You can do this one of three ways; contact me via the email address (and phone number above) OR go directly to my website OR make your choice below and click on the option you want and it will bring you were you need to be!
  • If you go directly to the website and sign up please follow these steps
  • Enter your zip code under “View Rates and Plans” this brings you to where you need to be
  • If outside of company footprint it will direct you to American Wind CHOOSE the $20 PLAN (PLUS)or the POWER PACK for $150: it will look like this but you can just click below!
  • American Wind


    Making a difference
    made easy


    Independence starts
    with you

    Power Pack

    Maximize your
    opportunity to earn

    Price/Term $10 / mo. $20 / mo. $150 / 8 months
    Monthly Wind RECs 500 kWh 1000 kWh 1000 kWh
    Renewable Energy REwards Check Check Check
    Mission to Millions X Check Check
    Referral Income Opportunity X Check Check
    Additional Income Potential
    (Learn More)
    X X Check
    Check Check Check

    ***Click the get started above for whatever plan you want if your not in a footprint state!!The links work***

    1 One REC offsets 1,000 kWh of non-renewable electricity supply per month. In 2012, the average monthly electricityYou can CHOOSE the POWER PACK (I am upgrading as soon as I can to this but to start just click “Get Started” under the plus plan

    Complete your application FULLY and enter your information COMPLETELY!

    Pay for your plan and you will get an email verfiying everything. Once this is complete contact me to schedule a time to go through your back office.


    PS You can also go to my team website for more information and details about the benefits of the company. This site is also used for current members, the Five Steps to Success and PBR are extremely important to your success!!!

                                            GO TO THIS SITE FOR INFO


►ALERT!! ALERT!! We ARE Continuing OUR $50 Welcome Bonus and The Pay-It-Forward Promotion!!!◄


 This is me 🙂 Hope you all come to this call and then contact me and I will plug you in to FREE Energy and/or your own  business alongside the #1 energy company in the industry!!
Join us on our March State of the Company Call For Full Details

We know we said that our $50 Welcome Bonus and Pay It Forward Promotions were expiring on February 28, 2014 but we just couldn’t resist extending them once again! We just love seeing all of the excitement and activity that they’ve created so we’re happy to give you even more time to share these amazing benefits with your friends and family.

Tune in to our March State of the Company Call featuring our Co-Founder & CEO, Kerry Breitbart for full details of the extensions such as the new date these promotions will expire. In the meantime, feel free to share these exciting promotions throughout the weekend.

Kerry Breitbart

State of the Company Address Featuring Co-Founder and CEO, Kerry Breitbart
Monday, March 3rd, 2014: 10:00pm EST, 9:00pm CST
Dial-in Number: 712.432.9625 then enter 76937# or POWER#
Overflow Dial-In: 712.432.9628 then enter 76937 # or POWER#

Want to be a customer?
Want to start a business?
Call me for information (234) 200-6056
North American Power Extended.

Deregulation & Why I Chose North American Power

What Is Regulation?

In certain areas across North America, energy prices remain regulated. This means that all energy providing processes including pricing are governed by a regulatory or government body, with only the local utility able to sell directly to consumers. The utility or government set the prices for natural gas and electricity supply, along with the associated transportation and distribution costs associated with those commodities. Consumers therefore have no choice when it comes to their energy provider. 

What Is Deregulation?

Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout North America. It has allowed competitive energy suppliers, such as North American Power, to enter the markets and offer their energy supply products to consumers. Energy prices are not regulated in these areas and consumers are not forced to receive supply from their utility. In deregulated markets, consumers can choose their supplier, similar to other common household service providers. The marketing of these services is still regulated.

Why Is Deregulation Important?

Deregulation gives consumers choice  the power of the buyer. A deregulated market allows you to choose your commodity supplier. It also motivates retailers to differentiate their products from the utility and those of competitors by developing innovative features, pricing plans and options that would have otherwise not been available to you.  Green energy products are an example of innovative programs made possible by retailers like North American Power. In deregulated electricity markets, these products support the generation and injection of renewable energy into your electricity grid, making it greener than it otherwise would have been. In a deregulated natural gas market, these green products support emission reduction projects that prevent polluting gases from entering the atmosphere and help contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

What Does This Mean For You?

The utility is still responsible for the distribution of the commodity to your home regardless of the supplier you choose. The supply price however is not set by that same utility. Depending on where you live, you may continue to be billed by your utility with a mention of your supplier, or be billed directly by your supplier.

It’s your right to choose!

Competitive rates

You now have options to choose your provider, like North American Power, to offer competitive pricing.

Innovative products

With more competition in the market, you benefit from a variety of product options that may have otherwise not been available to you, including Green Electricity and Clean Gas, which ensures that the equivalent of up to 100% of the energy you consume is offset by sustainable energy sources.

No service interruptions
Although your natural gas and/or electricity supply will be coming from a new source, your local utility/distribution company will continue to ensure the consistent delivery of the energy to your home.
Okay..So you already knew all of that right? 
Well..Then I will also tell you what sets North American Power apart from all of the other companies that offer similiar products and services.
North American Power gives you the right to choose, as mentioned above, but they also pride themselves in being one of the only companies that put their business in the hands of their customers.

-When you become a customers of North American Power you are immediately sent a $50 Visa Gift Card as their way of saying thank you for being a customer. Refer 2 friends as customers in the 48 hours (until February 28th 2014) and get another $100!!!

-They offer customers something that NO other company does and that is the ability to earn FREE Energy through their FREE Energy Challenge. Become a customer and refer 20 friends and/or family as customers and you have earned FREE energy. This means no more light bill for some!! (this doesn not mean you do this every month either, get 20=get free energy..period!)

-North American Power donates $1 per month that you are a customer to the charity of YOUR Choice!

-They also offer a way for average everyday people like you and me to start and grow our OWN business with their company. We get two free websites, impeccable training and the most amazing support.

So a quick re-cap:

NAP Helps People Save On Their Monthly Utilities Through Their Competitive and Fixed Rates Plans

NAP Gives People The Ability To Earn FREE Energy

NAP Donates To Charity

NAP Helps The Environment

NAP Give People Like You And Me The Ability To Completely Change Our Lives…


Believe me this is really just the tip of the iceberg with North American Power.  There is so much more and I could go on and on, instead of doing that I am going to let you take a look yourself. Prove to yourself that they are the best choice for people that want to save and even people that want to work at home, spend time with their families and make a wonderful income at the same time.

North American Power is the choice of Millions…They can’t all be wrong now can they? 

Check Them Out -> Click Here

Want to see a Video –>> Click Here

~I Work Hard, it not hard enough though?~

I reblogged this because I actually realized that things are not so different now,..well except that there is snow on the ground so we are not putting trees in. LOL. I also do more online in the way of making money. I work with Instant Rewards for one,..but basically it was important for me to re-read this and think about that day. Letting myself see where I was then and where I am now, even though there hasn’t been a huge change there still have been changes. Positive changes 🙂 There are more changes everyday, the biggest change is within myself and how I look at life.
Please enjoy my blog and comment about anything:) Thank you!

Stay at Home Mom Tells All

Today the sun is shining and we are headed to bolducs (a junk yard) to bring back some ferrious metals.

It is one of the ways we make money to feed the children and pay our bills.

On an ad I posted to craigslist a few days ago (see blog post below) I got a response from someone telling me that I wasn’t looking for work hard enough or doing what needs to be done to pay our bills.

The person who made that comment has no idea about how hard I work and what I do to provide for my family.

We go to random houses And Knock on doors trying to sell trees, letting people know we put in privacy hedges and mow lawns, we clean up scrap metal, and tear down buildings.

Our tree hedges we sell for less than most of our competition! We hand dig…

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I Want To Help You Make Money…Will You Let Me?

❤ I want to help people but I can’t do that if no one is willing to take a small chance by joining me.

❤ I reimberse for all offers completed once the new online referral agent has completed all necessary requirements.

So if you want to make some money $$ online then today IS the day!

🙂 Stop worrying about your bills and start to make a change! Let me be your guide 🙂 

First Name

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ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!

ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!

Living in a small town has its downfalls and resources to help those in need are limited. My ten year old daughter, Arianna, came home from her bible study last week and asked me of a way we could help others, since we have asked for help in the past I felt this would be a great way to give back.

I have been looking around me and notice some children wearing jackets that are a little to small, or ski pants with tears in the knees, boots that have obviously been handed down and it saddens me. 

My daughter and I are hoping that people with donate out of the kindness of their hearts, that they will think back to a time when they needed a helping hand, when someone gave them $5 for gas or a jacket that was collecting dust in their closet.

I know that times are difficult for everyone right now but every donation adds up, every share posted allows someone else to donate or share. 

I know our town does a coat/jacket drive that supplies some with used/gently used winter clothing and although they try their hardest they are not able to help everyone that needs it, not even close:(
So Arianna and I thought what would be better then to be able to earn enough money that we could have the school pick names of children/families in need and be able to give them brand new winter clothing.
(Also people in need can also contact me privately as I know there are some that have children too young to attend school)

What we are hoping to do is raise enough money that instead of doing the actual shopping for the items we would be able to give each child/family a gift card in the amount needed to purchase their own items. I know my children would rather pick out their own things:) so I can only assume that other children would love to be able to shop for themselves also.

I was looking at and was thinking that $60 per child would be a reasonable amount for a gift card. Although walmart is not the only place with amazing deals online, there is also, and (sizes 6-12 kids) that offer from 10% to 80% off retail price. Also $60 is not a set amount, the amount that is needed will be based on the families needs and the money raised and the amount of families that need assistance.

We plan on using Walmart gift cards for those who wish to shop at walmart but for those who wish to shop elsewhere thats fine we would just purchase a gift card at the store of choice.

This will be one of the questions asked of those in need. Where will they be shopping? So that we can get a gift card to the appropriate store.

We plan on working side by side with the schools in the area on this and I am hoping that even though today is already December 3rd we will be able to get enough donations to start doing something right away. 

I have spoke with the head nurse at Hardwick Elementary School who coordinates these types of things and she is willing to work with me on this in the aspect of finding families in need for the donations to go to.

(FYI: All families names will be kept confidential and I won’t even have access to them, so do not be afraid to speak up if your in need!!) 

She did mention a couple places for people to go to or donate to if the would like besides donating here:
*The Giving Closet in Greensboro Vt, they accept used items, everything from clothing to household supplies, all items must be in excellent condition and are completely FREE! 
*Also the Kiwanis Club in Hardwick is another place for people to go if they need help with anything for their children, such as new glasses, clothing etc..they only accept monetary donations and they can be contacted by calling Bear Basset @ 802-472-5501. 

I can be contacted through this campaign and by email @ (Subject: Winter Clothes)

I really hope that we are able to raise enough money to help others, this is something that is important to me but even more important to my beautiful daughter, Arianna:)

Please feel free to email me with any questions and concerns you may have. 

***Also for those that would rather donate the actual items instead of cash you can mail/ship the items to:
ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 Children! c/o Margo Johnson
42 Carey Road
Hardwick, Vt 05843

Please if you send clothing donations make sure they are in excellent to brand new condition and all sizes are welcome!

(If this is a success I will not ever pull down this campaign and every year at this time we will be able to help children and families that need it.)

To read more or to make a donation please visit our page @ ELF Delivery: Winter Clothes 4 KIDS!