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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Did everyone get a chance to watch the Superbowl last night? Did your team win? How many of you placed bets on their favorite team and won? If so how much did you win and what are you going to do with your winnings? (I couldn’t win something like this even if I was to place a bet because I would feel bad taking peoples money just because I picked the right team. I mean how is that fair? What would I have really done to EARN the money?)

I am not a big football fan if you haven’t picked up on that yet lol, I have never really understood what everyone was so thrilled about but to each their own I guess.

I have been working on a few different things the last few weeks, some of you may know about one of the things I am working on, those of you that are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on  anyway.

I started a new blog called “Green Light Income” and this is a review site about legitimate online and offline income streams and creative business ideas for businessesJP Freelance writing serrvices you can start from home. No more 9-5 for you. I want to turn this blog back into the journal/diary that it started out being so all of the income streams and money making reviews I have on this blog I still stand by 100% BUT I will no longer be posting this type of information on this blog.

I feel like I have failed my readers by selfishly changing the content from personal topics you can relate to to another site about making money online. My new blog; Green Light Income will be different than any other review site about ways to make money. I plan to include every single legitimate way you can earn along with resources needed to get you there. I have tried everything I write about and been paid so they are all verified. I also will be including things close friends of mine are doing or have done and I will let you know that in the post.

If you would like to read about real ways to make money online; from making a little bit to making a full time income please follow my new blog. The topics on GLI will not all be about online income but will also include creative ideas for making money from home offline also.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations while reading “Green Light Income” PLEASE by all means Comments below the post or send me an email (Make sure you put the blog name or post title in the email subject line to weed out all spam). I will respond to all comments (that are not spam) and all emails within 3 days at most. I give myself 3 days because we all have a life lol and I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

I look forward to connecting with you, helping you and reading all of your comments and thoughts 🙂

PS: I am working on a website (not a free blog) and the system I am using pays you so I will definitely be sharing a post in GLI about it when I am done. I cannot wait for the unveiling! Also if you are interested in having a website built for your business or a personal blog (hosted or free) let me know, my rates are very reasonable and I do all the work myself at this time I DO NOT outsource my work. I also offer writing and editing services (separate businesses of course) for my writing services please read many of my posts on this blog (or others) as this is where my writing samples will most likely come from. I do not feel comfortable sending writing samples that are work I have completed for others as they have utilized the work on their websites or blogs. I prefer you contact me regarding the services I mention above at my GLI email ( ) so that I can keep all business related emails together. In the subject line put “website/blog building services” or “writing service” or “editing service” do NOT spam me or I will block your email address.


~I Work Hard, it not hard enough though?~

I reblogged this because I actually realized that things are not so different now,..well except that there is snow on the ground so we are not putting trees in. LOL. I also do more online in the way of making money. I work with Instant Rewards for one,..but basically it was important for me to re-read this and think about that day. Letting myself see where I was then and where I am now, even though there hasn’t been a huge change there still have been changes. Positive changes 🙂 There are more changes everyday, the biggest change is within myself and how I look at life.
Please enjoy my blog and comment about anything:) Thank you!

Stay at Home Mom Tells All

Today the sun is shining and we are headed to bolducs (a junk yard) to bring back some ferrious metals.

It is one of the ways we make money to feed the children and pay our bills.

On an ad I posted to craigslist a few days ago (see blog post below) I got a response from someone telling me that I wasn’t looking for work hard enough or doing what needs to be done to pay our bills.

The person who made that comment has no idea about how hard I work and what I do to provide for my family.

We go to random houses And Knock on doors trying to sell trees, letting people know we put in privacy hedges and mow lawns, we clean up scrap metal, and tear down buildings.

Our tree hedges we sell for less than most of our competition! We hand dig…

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~ The police aren’t doing a thing!~

It has been over a month and I haven’t heard any news about the bombing.
The police have NOT talked to the witnesses nor have they checked into the actual criminal although they are very well aware of who did it.
A couple fridays ago another bomb was found on my road (not here) the bomb was defused by a member of the family and then the police were called. You would think that because of this the police would jump into action…yeah right!!
I know the evidence has already been looked at so I want to know what is going on.
Oh and the kicker of this whole crap situation…an officer that was NEVER involved in this case is reporting to local papers that he “reached in the car and accidently detonated the bomb” what a joke!!!! My neighbors heard the bomb go off at 10 pm..the police were called after midnight and only ONE officer showed up. My question is…Is this other officer trying to cover up fout the one that came here that night because he royally screwed up?
I don’t care what their reasons are but I do care that nothing has been done and I do care about the total lack of police professionalism!!!
I’m calling an attorney right now and I’m going to pursue a lawsuit! The officer that originally came here has lost a few lawsuits against him already for misconduct and for using a search warrent on a man that was the wrong man! He was supposed to be searching the home of a white male about 140-170 pounds with brown hair,…armed with a warrent he held a gun to the head of a 240 pound colored man, handcuffed him and ripped through his home. It was obvious he had the wrong man but he continued to go through with his search. He ended up becoming $12,500 poorer after that incident!
I’m not a money hungry person but justice needs to be served and my family needs the feeling of piece back and that is not going to happen until they do their job..even if I have to force their hand!!!

Hope everyone ids having a wonderful day. Also if you could help my family there is a post prior to this one with a link in it, this is a campaign I started hoping to raise enough money to repair whats been destroyed..although the emotional stuff money can’t fix and that will take some time. If you could please share my link that would be wonderful and greatly appreciated and if you can donate that would be amazing! Evety dollar counts and is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Margo D. Johnson
Freelance writer & Mom

~Raising Money For A Great Cause~

Working without a computer and trying to blog from a smart phone is quite a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Due to the lack of a computer at this time this post will be very short.

I am trying to raise money for my family, to repair my car, my door and replace my windshield. I am also hoping to raise enough money to replace the money I was supposed to make from a freelance writing job I was supposed to start the day after the Break In and Bombing at my home….I have lost so much. I believe that what goes around comes around and that those who give to my family out of the kindness of their hearts will get that back tenfold.

For those who donate to my campaign there are two prizes being offered. One prize is $60 and the other is $20..if I remember correctly. These prizes come out of the money I raise and go to the two people/families/corporations that donate the two largest amounts.

My family appreciates everything everyone has helped us with at this point. I have gained new friends and learned so much. Thank you everyone.

The link below is to help my family, help can be in the form of sharing my link for me on your social media sites and blogs and also in the form of monetary donations. Again Thank You All!!

Holding Onto Hope (showing link if you could please kindly copy and paste in your sites 🙂

Break in and Bombing! Update

This is to update every one has read this and those that are following my story.
I also have a campaign to raise money for my family to repair the damages. If you can help by donating or sharing st the following link I would appreciate it so much

The local news, WCAX, got ahold of this story on Tuesday September 24th, four days after it had happened. They reported that the evidence had been sent to the state lab, that was a lie from the local police since I was finally asked to come in for an interview on Wednesday the 25th, by the Chief, Aaron Cochoran, and the evidence was still at the Hardwick Police Department. (being brought down that day supposedly)
The local news paper, The Hardwick Gazette, also never heard anything about it until it was on the news. The editor, Ross, had 52 minutes to investigate and write an article. I think he did an amazing job, its on page four under the editorial! Quite a few points were made by Ross in the article, such as how the officer on duty that night, Officer Daniel Locke, had NOT filed an incident report (also considered the POLICE REPORT) and the fact that when the paper received the weekly police log on Monday it said nothing about a car bomb or break in! It actually said there was an arson on Carey Road!! Of course the false arson statement made to the paper was removed from the log and the fact that it was even called arson was covered up by the chief saying,(I quote from the paper) “The log entry of the arson referred to the car bombing and it was listed that way because the computer system has only so many catagories; “car bombing” is not one of them.” It was also stated that they (the police) had “contacted the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, but had not received a call back”
I personally contacted the ATF myself on Monday morning, the 23rd, and was called back at about 1 PM that same day by the supervising agent, Jim Mostyn, who told me, “There had been no report of a bomb.” Then I was advised to call the State Police Bomb unit, they returned my call, they had not received a report either and could not step in unless HPD requested it.
There are issues I can not discuss in my blog due to the fact that it would harm the case, but believe me things are being looked into on my end by an attorney! I have also been receiving emails from an anonymous person with links to articles that could prove to be quite helpful in my case.
Except for the emails I have received no assistance from anyone or any organization except that the local paper is doing an article this week, and they are going to be following this case closely.
I posted an ad on Craigslist this past Saturday evening, stating what happened and asking if anyone had a cheap/inexpensive laptop or if anyone could loan or donate me one. I put links to the proof of my situation in the ad, such as to the WCAX site, “Hardwick Police are investigating a car bombing”, and also the WCAX TV facebook page, and of course this blog, and I also mentioned the article I discussed above…someone flagged my post as spam and Craigslist removed it.
Makes me wonder what the person who did that would do if they were in my situation.
My daughter, Arianna, has been so scared of even being home and on Monday afternoon after getting off the bus, she came to my bedroom window, I was on the phone with the state police, I tryed waving to her so she would know I was here. Apparently she didnt see me, after a moment I went to the front door to let her know I was here and all I saw was her backpack lying in the middle of my driveway. She had ran to a local business next door. When I asked her why, she was sobbing and said she “didnt dare come in” that she stated “I thought a robber was in our house mommy”! This breaks my heart. My son, Damion, wants to keep a loaded gun next to him, I won’t let him. My daughter can barely sleep at night, hollering to me over and over “I love you mommy!” And “Mommy I’m scared!” She has been sleeping in Damions room in the extra bed and she still is  having a very hard time.

Thank you for all of your support of me and my family.

Break In And Bombing! What Is This World Coming Too!

view of Hardwick, Vermont

view of Hardwick, Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday night, September 20th 2013, started out completely normal. My children, Damion and Arianna decided they wanted to go to Damion’s grandmothers in Hyde Park Vermont, so at about 7 pm we dropped them off there and my fiancee, James Patten, and I went to Hoagies for dinner. After dinner we went home and waited around for James brother to come and pick us up so we could go for a ride. We left our home at exactly 9:55 PM.

We arrived home at about 12:09 AM. Upon arriving at our house James went to the car to grab out food we had left over from dinner and at this time he noticed there was some kind of white powder residue all over the car and it smelled like it had caught on fire. While he was doing this I noticed the windshield was smashed. I went into the house (front door had been damaged also) to see what, if anything had been done to our home. When I walked in I noticed that there was garbage all over the entire house, the metal garbage bucket had been picked up and thrown across the room, my bedroom was tore apart, important papers everywhere,my desk ripped apart, ash tray thrown across the room, my printer hanging precariously off the desk and my computer screen was smashed. Our one year old pitbull, Mack, had been acting quite strange, he was lethargic and didn’t even lift his head or move AT ALL. I am positive he was poisoned or beat, but because he got extremely ill over the next 24 hours I am leaning towards a positioning.

Once we assessed everything and went through the entire house I placed a call to H.P..D, (Hardwick Police Department). Dan Locke was the offer who responded to the scene.

He went into the house with us and took a few (very few) pictures of the mess, asked questions that seemed relevant to the situation and them we lead him outside. We had assumed that the powder film all over the car was from a smoke bomb or something silly like that. I asked the officer what he thought was used to smash my windshield and he said he wasn’t sure possibly a rock or something. After further inspection of the windshield it was obvious that it broke from the inside, not the outside. He opened the car door and sitting on the drivers seat was a square piece of glass (said made in Canada) and shards and chunks of glass everywhere through out the car, on the drivers side floor was a round metal piece wrapped in black electrical tape, someone had placed a bomb in my car,…and NOT a chemical one, but a black gun powder bomb. They had placed the bomb on my dash which resulted in breaking my windshield and  catching papers on fire. Thankfully the windows were all the way up (electric windows) or the bomb would have been feed and flames would have ensued, resulting in totaling burning up my car and possibly causing my mobile home to catch ablaze also.

The officer removed the square piece of glass, the metal piece with tape on it and a cigarette pack, informed us that he was going to call ATF and report this so they would come to the scene and gather evidence. We were told to go ahead and clean our home and get a good nights sleep.

All weekend no one contacted us, no local police, no ATF, no state police,….no one. It was as if nothing ever happened.

Yesterday, Monday September 23rd 2013, I started making phone calls myself. The first calls I placed were to ATF and the State Police. While waiting for them to call me back I called the Red Cross to see about getting some help (I didn’t have insurance, stupid,..I know, but the truth), the Red Cross could NOT help us at all because we had stayed in the residence, (per police officers direction) then I placed calls to NEKCA (North East Kingdom Community Action) which resulted in a reply “Ill see what we can do at a meeting on Wednesday, but I’m not sure there will be much”, this call was followed by calls to churches, organizations like Umbrella, that are for crime victims, same response as the Red Cross, “Nothing we can do”.

ATF returned my call to inform me that they had NEVER received a call or a report from Officer Dan Locke, that because of this evidence is considered compromised and this means there is a chance there could be no case, or actually the evidence in the case could be thrown out to be exact. The State police called me back and said they could be of “NO help unless H.P.D requested it and sorry”.

Today, not totally discouraged,..yet,.. I continued my calls. This time the calls I placed were to the Vermont Commissioners Office, Vermont Governors Hotline, Human Services, Office Of Economic Opportunity and Vermont Emergency Management. All the replies were the same,…”I’m sorry we can’t help with that.”

About an hour before I came to the library to write this I made two more calls. I called Senator Patrick Leahy (My mother In Law emailed him and he responded with his number to call),..that was a waste of time because they “I am sorry Ma’am but we don’t help with that kind of thing but will recommend a review of criminal laws and punishment in Vermont.”

The very last call, and honestly my last hope,…Senator Bernie Sanders. I was hopeful. I was wrong to be hopeful. The gentlman that answered the phone was very short and sweet and right to the point,..”That is outside our line of duties and we can not do anything to help you.”, after a momentary pause “Sorry Ma’am”. I hung up.

No one cares about a small time family facing a terrible tragedy. It may not seem like much to anyone else but to us it was and is everything. My computer is how I make money, car is our only mode of transportation for the many appointments we have. I started to cry, the first time I really let myself cry.

My mother in law text me, said she was talking with Darren Perron of the channel 3 news, he was interested. After a few minutes he said he would like to know more and possibly put it on the 6 o’clock news tonight!!! Someone is listening!!

Still, no one is willing to help. I need a laptop (with wi-fi ability), new, used, a loaner, i don’t care as long as it works and I can work with it to make money, I need a windshield for my car, a new front door,…and a feeling of peace and comfort for my whole family.

_6.temp.jpg                                  _2.temp-1-1-1.jpg

Inside Windshield (above)

I don’t know if anyone can help as I know the economy is horrid right now but I would appreciate any and all help I can get from those that CAN help. No matter what kind of help you can give me I will appreciate it. I am not able at this time to check my emails on a regular basis, (although you are welcome to email me at, I do not know when or if I will be able to get back to you that way so I am taking a risk and putting my number here. Please do not spam me, harass me, or otherwise cause undo harm to me through my phone. I am trusting everyone to be respectful to me and my family in our time of need.

My number is 802-473-2521,……

My mailing address is;

Margo Johnson

42 Carey Road

Hardwick, Vermont 05843

Paypal email…

Again emailing me is not the best form of communication so please keep that in mind before you contact me. You may still comment here and I will do my best to get back to you as very soon as I have access to a computer and internet to do so.

I thank you all very very much for taking the time to read this. I have the best followers:)

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