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Time To Re-focus

The last few weeks have been stressful for me and our entire family.

My son has been quite sick since about July of 2014 and none of his doctor’s could figure out what was going on with him. They thought he had acute pancreatic issues and it turned out he didn’t; he has hydronephrosis and as a side effect of this he ended up with hydroureteronephrosis which was a complete blockage from his kidney to his bladder. (Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) )

We spent last week at the hospital so he could have an operation to get rid of the blockage. Dr. Mingdin planned to complete two (2) procedures during the operation that day but to unforeseen issues they were only able to do one. We will be heading back to Burlington March 30th 2015 for him to have both of the other procedures done. They will be removing his stent and doing a Hydraseal removal at the same time. Thankfully this will be done and he will be completely through his full recovery by the time summer rolls around.

Now that the worst is out of the way it is time for me to get back on track; time to RE-focus on the business I am currently and hopefully permanently with.

Once you see what it is and the way it works you will see why I say it that way and what I am so excited about!

After all this time online I have found the perfect solution for everyone!!

There is only one obstacle; getting others to see that this is the best and only thing they will need to make an income online EVER again.

It is as simple as joining and completing 3 steps- Go to the One Ten Hangout

Step one-You pay $7 One-Time to be a team member. Step 2- pay $39.95 monthly to become a Bronze member. This puts you in a position to start earning commissions. Step 3- Share Your Link & Start growing your team!

The steps you follow and everything you see in the back office comes with a video. This makes it simple enough that even a newbie can do it. Nothing is left to the imagination! There is no way you can fail with this!

Your first level of 10 is the bronze level and you earn $25 per person that joins your team every month. After 60 days the copper level opens up for you and you join that business in which your team follows you on their 60th day. This process continues through the levels.

You earn your commission from every level too, so as people join your team your making money on every level and as they upgrade you get a pay increase.

The matrix is designed so that everyone make money.

For example- If you get 4 team members as direct referrals I will be making $50 a month because your 2nd and 4th team member are given to your sponsor. If you get 6 team members you are then making $100 per month; this is not counting the pass-ups from them; their numbers 2 & 4 which actually increases your team to 12 people and it gets crazy because you get their 2nd and 4th person too! This is only an example based on the bronze level and rumor has it you make $125 per month per team member when you and your team become copper level member’s.

Watch the video below for a visual example. (I HIGHLY recommend you watch this)

We have a hangout every Monday as a team at 8 pm, this is a TEAM ONLY hangout, then we have a hangout for anyone that wants more information and wants to possibly join us. This is our ‘Sales Hangout’

You can join tonights hangout (and watch the replay if it isn’t Monday when you see read this @ http://bitly.com/OWNHaNgOuT

I love the OWN (Online Wealth Network) concept and I think you will too!

One – Link

One – Focus

One – Big Team

Ten – Times the income!

No,..I’m not going crazy… I just
wanted to get your ATTENTION!

Be here,


Monday Night! 9pm est. USA

And you WILL see why I One Ten.

-Margo Johnson


Are You Looking for Another Even Simpler Way to Make Some Extra Money Using the Internet?

Hello Friend & Hopefully New Team Member,
Are you looking for another even simpler way to make some extra money using the internet?
I was. And after searching around and trying several different programs I finally found a super simple system that just about anyone can do AND that actually works. (I  know that sounds cliche, but I’m doing it myself so I know it works.I already have a team of 6 and $100 in commissions in 12 days)
If you’re interested to know what I’m doing, here is the link; Online Wealth Network
If you like what you see, I can mentor you to make sure that you’re successful.
It is $7 ONE TIME to join the team and it was $39.95 to be bronze but the dropped it to $29.95 and you make $25 COMMISSIONS on every single person that you sign up!!
Watch this video before signing up its CRAZY!!   http://on.fb.me/1wjSblj
The first goal we have is to get a HUGE team and a down-line with our entire team helping you build your team, then the team goes with us to the next business so we have a built in income!
Did you like what you saw? The go here and sign up right away before we have a price increase!  http://hope.ly/1xuDelF
Need a little more information before you make a decision? Check this out before you commit,… http://hope.ly/1xkbFrA
When you are watching the video(s) Get out a notebook and pen/pencil and answer these questions;
A) What is your monthly income goal?
B) How badly do you want to make money at home?
C) What was your obstacle/issue in other business opportunities; if there have been others?
D) Make a list of what you have done in the past that you think caused you to ‘fail’. Was it the business? The training? Or; be honest, was it lack of effort on your part?
E) What are your expectations?
F) How bad do you want it and how hard are you prepared to work to get it?
After you have viewed the video(s) and made a decision as to whether OWN is for you or not please let me know. There are 3 simple steps you MUST complete in order to make any commissions , and I would like to make sure you follow all the steps.
I have been searching and working online with several companies over the last 3 years or so and I have never been as excited as I am right now.
Imagine what your life would really be like if you took the chance to join a team that will forever change your life!
Talk to you soon I hope!
– Margo Johnson

~Finally The Tides Are Turning & Money Is Coming into My Paypal Daily~

It has seemed to be an endless process of try and try again. Searching online for an opportunity to make money can be such a struggle for many people including myself. I have signed up for “Work at Home” scams as many times as every other person that is out there looking, I have lost countless amounts of money, I have devoted days, weeks, months and to one ‘business opportunity’ a year and earned a lousy buck here or there. Many times I have wanted to give up, walk away…I have wanted to pick up my computer and throw it across the room..although those actions would never make me successful, all they would do is put an even larger dent in my pocket and dig my hole of debt even larger and fill the pocket of some marketing GURU that hooked me with promises that were empty and pointless. BUT I never gave up,..never walked away..no matter how many times my hopes were shattered by the promise of earning ‘riches’ or even ‘earning enough money to supplement’ my already lacking income..I never gave up. Finally 13 days ago I met an amazing woman, mother, sponsor and hopefully new friend on Facebook through an ad she posted. He ad didn’t promise to make me rich, it didn’t fill my head with dreams and visions of sparkling diamonds and brand new cars..it actually made me ask questions. What is this program/job? What would I do? How much would I make? Has she had any success? Her personality and professionalism is what sold me on this sold meImage

business. She told me the truth! Something rare for anyone in the internet marketing industry,..the unedited version of the truth. Once I spoke with her, saw that she was making good money ($5347 in four weeks) I decided ‘oh hell what can I lose really that I havent lost in the past?’ So I jumped aboard, dived right in and decided that this was the best option now. There were no lies, scams, schemes or BS on her part. So now I am officially onboard. The first week I learned and implemented what I learned, today is day 14 and I started making money on day 8! My first amount I made was $40! I couldn’t believe it…then the person upgraded the nest day earning me another $20 and every day since then I have made at least one conversion…I wont say sale because I’m not selling a product. I am an Online referral agent for a 5-year-old company that has given out over $2 million,..or is it Billion dollars to people just like me,..poor people without a pot to piss in.

This isn’t a get “RICH QUICK SCHEME”, the requirements are simple and very straight forward, I can get anyone set up in a position to make a minimum of $20 per conversion over and over at a ONE TIME cost that will blow your mind…that cost is $0, yes zero dollars..not one single red cent and if you like what you see you can upgrade. And by upgrade I do NOT mean you pay $100 dollars, or even $50,,nope not even $25 dollars by upgrade I mean that I can put you in a position to make money (up to over $100 per sign up) for..are you ready?…LESS THAN $20!!!  Usually I can do it for less than $15! Now this will not put money into your Paypal account immediately, for most anyway’s,… but I can tell you that if your devoted and willing to work and work hard you will make money with this. 

Besides the requirements needed by the company I too have requirements..those requirements are that you must be dedicated, hardworking and motivated. If you are these things and you want to be part of a team, a real team,..the kind that believes there is no I in team then you are the person I am looking for! 

If you are intrigued at all then view my photo in this blog, save my contact information and contact me! Like I said the basic start-up is nothing. I make a promise to all that join my team and it is this simple..I am your sponsor and to me being a sponsor means doing whats best for those that join my team, not just what is best for me! I will get on the phone with you and spend hours if needed to teach you, walk you through this and become your friend! 

Most people in my position would make money from you and walk away,..but not me! I want a strong team,..one that trusts me completely that when I believe it is time for our team to add another source of income,..my team is with me, no doubts, no questions and no hesitation.

I would love to talk to anyone that is interested. My contact info is in the pic above but I will also post it here. Feel free to contact me by email margodjohnson@gmail.com, SKYPE me at margojohnson78, get on Facebook and add me as a friend http://www.facebook.com/margoj3 I cant wait to add many more strong members to my team. I really hope this is you! Please don’t comment on here if you are interested because I will be honest I don’t check the email address this goes to often.  Please don’t hesitate,stop making excuses and make a decision that will change your life! This is only the beginning for my team because I plan to lead my team all the way to success.

Talk very soon I hope:)

Margo Johnson