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Green Light Income~A New Blog I am Working On

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Did everyone get a chance to watch the Superbowl last night? Did your team win? How many of you placed bets on their favorite team and won? If so how much did you win and what are you going to do with your winnings? (I couldn’t win something like this even if I was to place a bet because I would feel bad taking peoples money just because I picked the right team. I mean how is that fair? What would I have really done to EARN the money?)

I am not a big football fan if you haven’t picked up on that yet lol, I have never really understood what everyone was so thrilled about but to each their own I guess.

I have been working on a few different things the last few weeks, some of you may know about one of the things I am working on, those of you that are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on  anyway.

I started a new blog called “Green Light Income” and this is a review site about legitimate online and offline income streams and creative business ideas for businessesJP Freelance writing serrvices you can start from home. No more 9-5 for you. I want to turn this blog back into the journal/diary that it started out being so all of the income streams and money making reviews I have on this blog I still stand by 100% BUT I will no longer be posting this type of information on this blog.

I feel like I have failed my readers by selfishly changing the content from personal topics you can relate to to another site about making money online. My new blog; Green Light Income will be different than any other review site about ways to make money. I plan to include every single legitimate way you can earn along with resources needed to get you there. I have tried everything I write about and been paid so they are all verified. I also will be including things close friends of mine are doing or have done and I will let you know that in the post.

If you would like to read about real ways to make money online; from making a little bit to making a full time income please follow my new blog. The topics on GLI will not all be about online income but will also include creative ideas for making money from home offline also.

If you have any questions, comments or recommendations while reading “Green Light Income” PLEASE by all means Comments below the post or send me an email (Make sure you put the blog name or post title in the email subject line to weed out all spam). I will respond to all comments (that are not spam) and all emails within 3 days at most. I give myself 3 days because we all have a life lol and I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

I look forward to connecting with you, helping you and reading all of your comments and thoughts 🙂

PS: I am working on a website (not a free blog) and the system I am using pays you so I will definitely be sharing a post in GLI about it when I am done. I cannot wait for the unveiling! Also if you are interested in having a website built for your business or a personal blog (hosted or free) let me know, my rates are very reasonable and I do all the work myself at this time I DO NOT outsource my work. I also offer writing and editing services (separate businesses of course) for my writing services please read many of my posts on this blog (or others) as this is where my writing samples will most likely come from. I do not feel comfortable sending writing samples that are work I have completed for others as they have utilized the work on their websites or blogs. I prefer you contact me regarding the services I mention above at my GLI email ( margojohnson5@aol.com ) so that I can keep all business related emails together. In the subject line put “website/blog building services” or “writing service” or “editing service” do NOT spam me or I will block your email address.


~I Work Hard,..is it not hard enough though?~

I reblogged this because I actually realized that things are not so different now,..well except that there is snow on the ground so we are not putting trees in. LOL. I also do more online in the way of making money. I work with Instant Rewards for one,..but basically it was important for me to re-read this and think about that day. Letting myself see where I was then and where I am now, even though there hasn’t been a huge change there still have been changes. Positive changes 🙂 There are more changes everyday, the biggest change is within myself and how I look at life.
Please enjoy my blog and comment about anything:) Thank you!

Stay at Home Mom Tells All

Today the sun is shining and we are headed to bolducs (a junk yard) to bring back some ferrious metals.

It is one of the ways we make money to feed the children and pay our bills.

On an ad I posted to craigslist a few days ago (see blog post below) I got a response from someone telling me that I wasn’t looking for work hard enough or doing what needs to be done to pay our bills.

The person who made that comment has no idea about how hard I work and what I do to provide for my family.

We go to random houses And Knock on doors trying to sell trees, letting people know we put in privacy hedges and mow lawns, we clean up scrap metal, and tear down buildings.

Our tree hedges we sell for less than most of our competition! We hand dig…

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~31 Day Blogging Challenge~DAY 2

~31 Day Blogging Challenge~DAY 2

(I am writing this tonight as I will be out tomorrow)


1. I am intelligent
2. I am a natural red-head
3. I have 3 children
5. I love in Vermont
6. I love the internet
7. I have been trying, and finally succeeding to make money online for a year now
8. I am engaged
9. I HATE dishonestly
10. I am 5′ 2 3/4″ tall
11. I call myself fat about 15 times a day (i weigh 136)
12. Even though my life is a struggle everyday I go to bed satisfied
13. I want to succeed
14. I love chocolate!
15. I love to help others
16. I have a ton of potential and I AM going places
17. I haven’t quite finished my degree, and have decided to change my major to Business
18. I LOVE TO WRITE!!!! (YES I know I said that already)
19. I love to laugh
and last but not least,…

There are 20 facts about me. What are 20 facts about you? Better yet why don’t you take this challenge with me?

Join The Den

Join The Den

For a few months I have been following a blog wrote by Carol Tice called Make A Living Writing. What I have learned from her is genuinely priceless. 
She has tips and tricks on what to charge and how to get new clients. She discusses ways to sell yourself. She is honestly an amazing writer and she has given me the confidence I needed to follow my dreams.
My favorite post from her lately is ‘Can You Really Earn A Living As A Freelance Writer?’ , in this post she discusses how some people think that freelance writing is a joke and not a read job or career. She has been a freelance writer, earning a living doing so for more than 10 years. She has over 500 posts that tell you how to earn through magazines, articles and how to gain clients.
This amazing woman leaves absolutely nothing out. She discusses the good, the bad and the ugly. You can follow her blog for free but she also offers a private place for the serious writers to gather and learn, share ideas and hang out. This is called the ‘Freelance Writer’s Den’. 
The ‘FWD’ cost $25 a month, with no obligation and you can leave at any time. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 
The ‘FWD’ offers; E-courses so you can learn at your own pace, access to previous live events; quarterly 4-week intensive boot camps such as ‘How To Make Good Money Writing Online’ , A chance to get advice from freelance writer’s that are successful such as herself and  ‘Renegade Writer’ Linda Formichelli, live events with Ed Gandia and Peter Bowerman, a junk free job board where you will not find cheesy low paying jobs and MUCH MORE! 
The ‘FWD’ is a place for serious writers only. If you are writing as a hobby then this may not be the place for you but if you want a career in freelance writing the you are only hurting yourself by not joining.
At the very least visit her blog, read her posts, take what she says and implement it. I promise you will see your business grow, you will gain confidence that you need.
She also replies to all comments and questions. I can not say enough wonderful things about Carol and what she is doing for the writer’s community as a whole.
To check out the Den, and maybe even become a member follow the link below. I promise you will be very pleased!!!

Freelance Writing IS a Real Job!

This blog post is exactly what I would have wrote,..minus the prize won in 11th grade! Freelance writing IS A REAL JOB!! We must sell ourselves and our services and it is all of you that help our business grow. Thank you ardollak.wordpress.com/2013/05/14/freelance-writing-is-a-real-job/ for saying it how it really is!!!!


Amanda R. Dollak

Questions When

Why is it that when I tell someone that I am a freelance writer they always seem so skeptical and ask me a million questions?  They act as though working from home and writing my fingers off is just a hobby.  They always say, “Oh, that’s nice!  But when will you get a real job?”

Well, um, excuse me, but I am a professional writer, thank you!  I work 42 to 56 hours a week on my writing, and I do get paid (no matter how low that might be).  I see it as my life’s work and calling.  I take it seriously and never give up.  I plan, set goals, and dream of where I’d like to go with my writing.  I study, practice, and read, always searching to hone my craft.  I eat, sleep, and breathe writing (pardon the cliché).  So, what part of I’m a freelance writer…

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~My Journey~

English: Traditional freelance writer work system.

English: Traditional freelance writer work system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is my success story on a really cool new website and I suggest that you check it out! ON THE RIGHT>> IS THE METHOD OF A FREELANCE WRITER>>and the steps they take to create the content that you read and sometimes buy. 😉

~My Journey~
Time Period: From 2012 Sep to 2013 Mar
  • Sales/Orders: As I mentioned above I have recently gained two new clients;-)
  • Web Traffic: My traffic on my blogs has increased as prospective clients review my writing
  • Fans/Followers: My follower base has gone from 2 to 106 in one week
Description: For well over a year I have been trying to make money online. I have joined every business opportunity and scam out there. I have failed at all of them, miserably.I am not saying that I haven’t made any money doing any of them,..but to be completely honest with you I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. I am sure there are MLM opportunities out there that do what they are supposed to but I guess I am just not the MLM kind of person. LOLRecently, over the course of the last, I don’t know, eight months, I started selling my writing. This started with articles to a few people on Apsense and a few more on content mills like Elance and GURU. Honestly though, if you are looking to start an online business in freelancing of any type, the money you should be making IS NOT in either of those places. I do occasionally go to Elance still and send a few proposals and complete a few projects, but I have found that my ‘client’s’ (elance’s clients really) would rather work outside of Elance, and this is because there is no time restrictions and no fees to pay a third party so they can hire you. I prefer to work outside of all content mills because I believe you can develop a better client relationship and set your own terms, terms that are fair to your client and yourself.

I have been working very hard on trying to get myself ‘Branded’ and I am very happy to say that I have recently picked up two new clients through my self promotion. I do have a couple other clients that I work with on a monthly basis, and I am always looking for more.

One client is hiring me to write an e-book and I am hoping that it will turn into a long term relationship that will meet both of our needs as I am very excited about this project and about where our relationship can lead the both of us and our respective business’s.

The second client is a college student majoring in Criminology, he needs me to help him edit work that he has done and help him prepare his thesis. In this case he has done all of the work but wants me to be his ‘second set of eyes’ so that when he turns in his five last papers before graduation he can be confident. And who knows, he may recommend me to others.

My journey as a Freelance writer/business owner is just beginning and I look forward to where it is going.

One piece of advice that I have learned over the last year is you need support. I don’t mean money, although that is helpful, lol. But supportive friends, family and colleagues because without it when times get tough you will feel like giving up and that would be a tragedy.

Are you in need of marketing? Are you a Marketer? Do you have a success story and a marketing service to sell? There is so much to this website and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you check  it out. Maybe even join.

To Check out Million Marketers go to:  http://www.millionmarketers.com/mm/MargoJ

If you want to join Million Marketers go to: http://www.millionmarketers.com/ and enter invitation code 45209485

~My Journey~ | Success Story. (this link is to the above story)

~A Dreary Day!

Live Inspired Journal

Live Inspired Journal (Photo credit: Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae)


English: One example of a freelance writer aut...

English: One example of a freelance writer authoring directly to the Web. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am sitting here at my computer, my only real friend, lol looking out the window and the sky is so gray, and the rain drizzles down the window. 


I have been reading blogs by others like opinionatedman and Carol Tice’s blog called “Make a Living Writing”, both of which I highly recommend to anyone that writes for a hobby or even for a career. I find many tips in these blogs that are very important to anyone, but especially to those of us that are trying to make a-go at a freelance writing career. 


I do not write my personal blog with SEO in mind. I write just to inform others about whatever I come across of interest, or even what is going on in my daily life. I want the readers to know me, my followers to become engaged.


I think it is very important that you reply to all comments from those that take the time to read your posts. How else can you gain loyal followers, some who may promote your page for you and even some who may hire you to write for them. 


I try to write in a way that is conversational and interesting, and although I am sure I do not always accomplish that, I really do try. 


I would like to take this time to ask what it is my followers are interested in? Are you a freelancer yourself? Do you blog for fun? Is there anything you would be interested in reading about? And a biggie,..Do you have any personal tips for others that could help them with their blog?


I personally blog for both fun and to get my name out there as a freelancer. Some of my posts may be personal, about my family and my daily life. Others may be more business minded and ‘boring’ but I just love to write and if I can’t think of anything to write I go to other pages on here and find something to read and just write comments. I would recommend that you do this too, and follow other blogs.


If you take the time to comment on others posts then there is a good chance that at least a third of them will do the same for you.


Thank you for taking the time to come to my blog and read my posts, and even comment. I appreciate every one of you!