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Time To Re-focus

The last few weeks have been stressful for me and our entire family.

My son has been quite sick since about July of 2014 and none of his doctor’s could figure out what was going on with him. They thought he had acute pancreatic issues and it turned out he didn’t; he has hydronephrosis and as a side effect of this he ended up with hydroureteronephrosis which was a complete blockage from his kidney to his bladder. (Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) )

We spent last week at the hospital so he could have an operation to get rid of the blockage. Dr. Mingdin planned to complete two (2) procedures during the operation that day but to unforeseen issues they were only able to do one. We will be heading back to Burlington March 30th 2015 for him to have both of the other procedures done. They will be removing his stent and doing a Hydraseal removal at the same time. Thankfully this will be done and he will be completely through his full recovery by the time summer rolls around.

Now that the worst is out of the way it is time for me to get back on track; time to RE-focus on the business I am currently and hopefully permanently with.

Once you see what it is and the way it works you will see why I say it that way and what I am so excited about!

After all this time online I have found the perfect solution for everyone!!

There is only one obstacle; getting others to see that this is the best and only thing they will need to make an income online EVER again.

It is as simple as joining and completing 3 steps- Go to the One Ten Hangout

Step one-You pay $7 One-Time to be a team member. Step 2- pay $39.95 monthly to become a Bronze member. This puts you in a position to start earning commissions. Step 3- Share Your Link & Start growing your team!

The steps you follow and everything you see in the back office comes with a video. This makes it simple enough that even a newbie can do it. Nothing is left to the imagination! There is no way you can fail with this!

Your first level of 10 is the bronze level and you earn $25 per person that joins your team every month. After 60 days the copper level opens up for you and you join that business in which your team follows you on their 60th day. This process continues through the levels.

You earn your commission from every level too, so as people join your team your making money on every level and as they upgrade you get a pay increase.

The matrix is designed so that everyone make money.

For example- If you get 4 team members as direct referrals I will be making $50 a month because your 2nd and 4th team member are given to your sponsor. If you get 6 team members you are then making $100 per month; this is not counting the pass-ups from them; their numbers 2 & 4 which actually increases your team to 12 people and it gets crazy because you get their 2nd and 4th person too! This is only an example based on the bronze level and rumor has it you make $125 per month per team member when you and your team become copper level member’s.

Watch the video below for a visual example. (I HIGHLY recommend you watch this)

We have a hangout every Monday as a team at 8 pm, this is a TEAM ONLY hangout, then we have a hangout for anyone that wants more information and wants to possibly join us. This is our ‘Sales Hangout’

You can join tonights hangout (and watch the replay if it isn’t Monday when you see read this @ http://bitly.com/OWNHaNgOuT

I love the OWN (Online Wealth Network) concept and I think you will too!

One – Link

One – Focus

One – Big Team

Ten – Times the income!

No,..I’m not going crazy… I just
wanted to get your ATTENTION!

Be here,


Monday Night! 9pm est. USA

And you WILL see why I One Ten.

-Margo Johnson


What Can North American Power Do For You?

This is what is important about the company!
Valerie says it exactly as I feel it 🙂

What are The Benefits Of Being A Customer, Representative And Business Owner?
Save Money!
Save The Environment!
Donate To Charity!
AND Make Great Money Too!!!

Amazing Training!
Every Sunday and Monday Night!
Lunch And Learn – Monday Thru Friday At 12PM EST!
PowerHour Every Wednesday Night!

Dedicated, Caring Team Members That Help Each Other To Achieve!

This IS The Company To JOIN TODAY!

A Way to Make A Living Online~

I make money online referring people to trial offers from Fortune 500 Companies. There are some free offers and some that cost a few dollars to complete. I get paid daily and the job I do does not require you to sell or ship anything..EVER!

All that you need is a computer/tablet or smart phone with internet access, a PayPal account or back account for your earnings to get deposited into, the ability to post ads, (which can be as easy as copy and paste) an email address and/or a phone number for people and the company to contact you, 18+ years of age and you must be a resident of the US, UK, CA or AU as the offers and opportunity are only available in these areas.

An investment of $0 to about $20 allows me to TEACH you how to make extra cash working from home being an Online Referral Agent with my team.

If you qualify with everything above and you’re looking for a second income; to supplement your current income, or a permanent work at home job that allows the following benefits below then I am looking for you and would LOVE to have you on my team!

Company Benefits:

Set Your Own Hours, work part-time or full-time;
No Experience Necessary! No Education Necessary!
Nothing to Buy or Sell..EVER!
Start-up typically ranges from Free to ABOUT $15, depending on promotions;
No Monthly Fees!
Once you meet your qualification, You’re Qualified for Life! Never pay for anything again!
Ability to get paid Daily, even multiple times a day! Get paid to PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer with Unlimited Income Potential & Free training material provided! 

Open USA, Canada, UK & AU residents only!

The benefits I can offer you from working at home:

No commute; get out of bed and turn on your computer and you’re at work! No gas expense, or proper attire to wear, work in you pj’s or in the buff if you’d like! No daycare cost! No boss breathing over your shoulder! No one to tell you what to do or how to do it! (unless you ask of course..LOL)

The flexibility to work from home or anywhere! The option to work part-time, full-time or anytime that you want! Learn a new skill! Meet new people! Grow your bank account and save money at the same time!

Great sponsor who is available anytime (reasonably,..not after midnight LOL) who is open and sharing, honest with no-holes barred and will share tips and tricks that work to get people to join; one who will always answer the phone and who helps you grow your business while she grows hers!

An opportunity to work with a real business, that really pays and one that you can be proud of!

If your interested in what I offer, and the company of course,..lol then take a few minutes and contact me! Believe me it will be worth your time!

Email me at margodjohnson@gmail.com *subject line – RE: instant rewards

Call me at (802) 473-2521 (EST)

For more information go to my Instant Rewards Network   (*You can also sign up here. Just don’t complete offers until you talk to me, I can get the cheapest and fastest offer combination! SO PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST!?)

If you have experience or NOT I want you on my team!