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Time To Re-focus

The last few weeks have been stressful for me and our entire family.

My son has been quite sick since about July of 2014 and none of his doctor’s could figure out what was going on with him. They thought he had acute pancreatic issues and it turned out he didn’t; he has hydronephrosis and as a side effect of this he ended up with hydroureteronephrosis which was a complete blockage from his kidney to his bladder. (Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) )

We spent last week at the hospital so he could have an operation to get rid of the blockage. Dr. Mingdin planned to complete two (2) procedures during the operation that day but to unforeseen issues they were only able to do one. We will be heading back to Burlington March 30th 2015 for him to have both of the other procedures done. They will be removing his stent and doing a Hydraseal removal at the same time. Thankfully this will be done and he will be completely through his full recovery by the time summer rolls around.

Now that the worst is out of the way it is time for me to get back on track; time to RE-focus on the business I am currently and hopefully permanently with.

Once you see what it is and the way it works you will see why I say it that way and what I am so excited about!

After all this time online I have found the perfect solution for everyone!!

There is only one obstacle; getting others to see that this is the best and only thing they will need to make an income online EVER again.

It is as simple as joining and completing 3 steps- Go to the One Ten Hangout

Step one-You pay $7 One-Time to be a team member. Step 2- pay $39.95 monthly to become a Bronze member. This puts you in a position to start earning commissions. Step 3- Share Your Link & Start growing your team!

The steps you follow and everything you see in the back office comes with a video. This makes it simple enough that even a newbie can do it. Nothing is left to the imagination! There is no way you can fail with this!

Your first level of 10 is the bronze level and you earn $25 per person that joins your team every month. After 60 days the copper level opens up for you and you join that business in which your team follows you on their 60th day. This process continues through the levels.

You earn your commission from every level too, so as people join your team your making money on every level and as they upgrade you get a pay increase.

The matrix is designed so that everyone make money.

For example- If you get 4 team members as direct referrals I will be making $50 a month because your 2nd and 4th team member are given to your sponsor. If you get 6 team members you are then making $100 per month; this is not counting the pass-ups from them; their numbers 2 & 4 which actually increases your team to 12 people and it gets crazy because you get their 2nd and 4th person too! This is only an example based on the bronze level and rumor has it you make $125 per month per team member when you and your team become copper level member’s.

Watch the video below for a visual example. (I HIGHLY recommend you watch this)

We have a hangout every Monday as a team at 8 pm, this is a TEAM ONLY hangout, then we have a hangout for anyone that wants more information and wants to possibly join us. This is our ‘Sales Hangout’

You can join tonights hangout (and watch the replay if it isn’t Monday when you see read this @ http://bitly.com/OWNHaNgOuT

I love the OWN (Online Wealth Network) concept and I think you will too!

One – Link

One – Focus

One – Big Team

Ten – Times the income!

No,..I’m not going crazy… I just
wanted to get your ATTENTION!

Be here,


Monday Night! 9pm est. USA

And you WILL see why I One Ten.

-Margo Johnson

~Feeling lost? Your Not Alone…

I have been struggling with many thing my entire life, things that people don’t even realize and that others might not even be able to handle to begin with. 

It seems like life is full of up’s and down’s not matter who you are but that some of us have it worse off than others. You know how they say if you break a mirror you will have bad luck for seven years? I am assuming that I must have broken like ten mirrors as a child and that the bad luck punishment added up consecutively and that my punishment isn’t just seven years but a total of seventy years.

Although I feel this way I am still optimistic, I mean how can you be anything but? I have my days where I am down in the dumps but I always find a way to pull myself back up. I find something to focus on and put my entire heart and soul into it.

I think the worst part is when we change, and change for the better but people from our PAST think that we are still the person we were then, that our mistakes from before define us for our entire life and that even though they themselves have changed and grown up its not possible for another person to do the same. -my frame of mind before I found the company I am currently with.

This kind of mind frame has only motivated me to work harder and stronger and push myself to levels I never thought possible. This mind frame is what pushed me to look online and start to make money from home, that and the desire to make money and prove everyone else wrong!

The reason I pulled this draft out of my ‘blog closet’ and ‘dusted it off’ was because I wanted to continue where I left off and to say that I am not the person people see me as. I am not a child or a teenager anymore and I have grown up. I have made many mistakes in my life as I am sure everyone else reading this has. I have learned from those mistakes and because of this I don’t judge (can’t say ever as I am not perfect) as often and I really try to think before I do.

I ask myself “Just because he/she stays home does that really mean they are lazy?” or  “Am I the same as I was before?” and being honest; I have to answer “NO” to both questions.

I have changed. I have grown. I have a conscience. I am that ‘lazy stay at home mom’ people judge, but I have got to say I AM NOT LAZY. I work about 10 hours a day trying to grow my business online; I do this advertising, taking calls, answering emails, helping others that have joined me in our adventure online to make an income. We do this for so many reasons, but most I have talked to work at home to not only save money but to also be there when their children get home from school, to make sure the house is clean, dinner is made and that we are able to pay the bills.  It is much easier to for those that don’t understand to judge things they have no idea about. Just because you only see me four times a year doesn’t mean I am a lazy worthless druggie,..I mean think about it!

People have circumstances that lead them to the point they are at in their life, not everything is predetermined for us. I didn’t ask to be born, did you? I didn’t ask to be raised scrapping by for food and watching my mother go without. I didn’t for-see my future POOR, and broken. But it happened anyway!

I am an intelligent, educated, hard working, independent mother! I am NOT perfect, beautiful, successful or rich. I try everyday to be a better person then I was the day before, to make better choices then before and to grow a little more each day. I try to reach out and help someone else, which is something I rarely see others do,..even if that help is only being able to provide them with information about what they can do to change things and support them through that change. This was done for me very recently by another mother who works from home,..and although I was hesitant’..I decided to be open-minded and let her help me. She set me up with something that would help me to be able to provide with my children keeping into account all of my current life obstacles, something that allowed me to stay home, save money and still make money.

I am currently working online with a company called Instant Rewards Network, and I LOVE it!

Now, I know many people think that everything online is a scam because they read some stupid report about a company on ripoff report or they talk to someone who was  “ripped off” and I have to laugh, not just at them but also at myself for being so close-minded.

Did you do your research and do more than looking at ONE site that is generated reports from people ‘scorned’!!?

Seriously!! I had too!

I have been ‘scammed’ too BUT I learned to do my research and read the fine print, oh and I also learned when looking back that I wasn’t really ‘scammed’ I just forgot to cancel something or didn’t actually work the system,..I figured money would fall out of the sky!! HA! Honestly?!

To completely put your faith in something that was written by someone who didn’t follow the direction’s given to them,..or better yet to believe someone who just thinks that they themselves didn’t need to follow the steps because they are above all else so they can forget whats requirements of them and expect money to fall from the sky..and then blame the company!? UGH Never-mind..lol Don’t get me started,..because yes..I did all of the above too.

Then I decided to CHANGE my thought process and found something that although others may think its a scam I have learned from PROOF (I have been paid, more then once, more than twice LOL)  and I can now say this is NOT a scam,..and will vehemently deny said charges of the above company being a scam.

First and foremost,..YES!..there are people out there in this crazy world who do nothing but rip people off,..but with the daily improvements of technology and the ease of accessibility to information on the internet it is easily researchable and getting more difficult to be scammed unless your just plain ignorant. So with that being said,..MOST companies online are real, and even most opportunities online can make you money IF YOU IMPLEMENT the right tools, follow the steps to a ‘T’ and understand the system, business or opportunity.

Being honest with myself, and others of course,..I would ‘buy’ into a business and do what I THOUGHT I was supposed to do, but never fully do EXACTLY what I was told to do. I wasn’t duplicating what was done before me and has been proven to work! Well I changed that!

I am making money with Instant Rewards, I may not be rich but everyday I get closer to my goal of being able to provide for my family,..my goal of proving others wrong. I do this by being honest and working very hard.

I decided to stop being them victim and allowing myself to feel as if I was ‘scammed’, for lack of a better word; and actually read everything, research, and really use the system exactly as it was designed to be used so that I could make money. I listened to what I was supposed to do and remembered above all else that NO ONE makes money over night. I also reminded myself that people that work a traditional 9-5 job don’t receive their pay check when they first start for two weeks , they also have to buy clothing suitable for their place of employment. So I had nothing to lose.

It only cost less than $20 ONE-TIME for me to try this system (my sponsor actually paid for me) and realizing that I was broke was a huge incentive to push myself forward and really work hard to make this work for me. It cost less than it would the normal working person to commute to their place of employment for a day,..the best part was I would never have to pay again and I can earn a weekly paycheck off of a one time investment and I can get paid every time I make money.

I don’t have to wait until Friday to get paid. I get paid every day as long as I make a referral that completes their requirements. I am not going to say I make money every single day because that would be a lie, but the days that I make money are great days and I am able to get that money within 4-24 hours usually (depends on what time I submit for payment).

The position doesn’t require you to be educated, or intelligent, or savvy, or nicely dressed or even to leave your home. Not only do I save an average of $70 per week on the gas that it would cost me to drive to work outside to home, but I also am able to make all of my children’s appointments, clean the house, work and spend time with my family without being stressed and trying to crunch 28 hours of things to do into the 16-18 hours I am actually awake.

I am also able to help people that don’t have any money at all, or very little that they may need to buy necessities like toilet paper or bread and milk, by offering them an option to start out small with this company and setting them up to make $20 commissions with literally no money out of pocket (as long as they do exactly as I say). No they don’t make the money immediately but with hard work, dedication and an understanding of what they need to do they will get there. It took me almost a week to make my first $40 commission payment. No, that’s not much for a weeks work BUT keep in mind that I had no outgoing expense to make that money.

Working online, no matter what company or companies you decide to work with takes more patience, dedication, drive, passion, desire, hard work and understanding then any job I have ever had outside the home.

I am hoping to soon be able to do for others what my sponsor did for me and to be able to financially afford to pay for the offers for people I believe will be a great addition to my team.

There are very few requirements to be an Online Referral Agent with Instant Rewards. Those requirements are a credit card or debit card to complete the offers, this honestly doesn’t NOT have to be a major cc/dc either,..I will explain that to you if your interested, because there is a way around that and I thought I would bring this up as I just got off the phone with a woman who was told this. Anyway,..the requirements are; cc/dc to complete the offers (make sure you cancel in time!), being a resident of either the US,UK, CA or AU and being 18+ year of age.

Once you have done enough offers to reach 1 credit in the link you are ready to start making the commission payment for that level you just have to go out and get others to join you. You do this by posting ads, word of mouth etc,.. putting contact information in your ads is important so people can get to know you and can gauge you and your sincerity through a call:) Once your referral has completed the steps above you have made a commission.

That’s it! You join, complete requirements, get others to join, they complete offers and meet their requirements=you get paid!

** I want to make this very clear…ONCE your qualified (meaning you are at 1 credit point) You MUST get others to join you and do exactly what you did in order to make money. You DO NOT make ANY money by completing the offers yourself! **

Okay so I am not pitching at you here although it may seem it. I just want you to understand that first of all, some things you come across online that you thought were scams need to be looked into a little more than just your first initial search.

I also want to give people out there that have no hope right now, a little bit. I want to help you get your dignity back, be able to stand up straight and proud and look at life a little differently. Now I know I can’t reach out and help everyone but I am willing to try to reach out as far as I can and help those that want it. I hope that through reading this, and hopefully more of the posts on my blog, you are able to connect with me and that I am able to help you reconnect with yourself.

If you want more information about me and what I’m talking about above go to:

PART 1 HONEST REVIEW: http://youtu.be/Oikcg5FZDr4

PART 2 PAYMENT PROOF: http://youtu.be/dyuYC_TXa0c