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I am sorry I HAD to share this deal with you all!
I don’t know about you but I know my daughter is obsessed with this movie and the deals I found here are CRAZY AMAZING!!

I love Walmart especially this time of year! I won a $5 gift card just because I shopped there for Christmas so that was an added bonus LOL!!

I know this is a must have under the Christmas tree this year.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


Christmas Is Coming!

Before you know it Christmas will be upon us and our bank accounts will be empty but it is worth it to see our children smile on Christmas morning.

It seems the older my children get the more expensive their gifts are and the smaller the pile under the tree becomes. We are less than two weeks away from Christmas day and I have already spent a few hundred dollars and I don’t have much to show for it. A phone, a tablet, some clothing,…that is about it. I do not even have my tree up yet. A few years ago my tree would we up and I would have a closet full of gifts.

Financially I just cannot do it anymore so I try to just get things that the kids want more than what I want them to have. Even though this year will be tight I still look forward to the one morning of the year that the kids are excited about.

We wake up a little later than usual, start a pot of coffee and take a couple packages of deer meat out to thaw. The kids open their stockings and check out their stash of candy and small un-wrappable gifts while I put away my first much needed cup of coffee.

About an hour after we all get up we sit around the tree and I play Santa,..handing a gift out to each child and James,…we all take turns watching each other open the gift. About half way through the tree we stop and while the kids open the packages I get the venison cut up and start cooking it along with eggs and toast. We sit down and eat our brunch.

After we eat we go back to the tree and finish handing out and opening the gifts. Our process takes about two hours.

Once our tree is completely bare we grab our piles; usually takes a couple trips and start to put away our gifts, then we get dressed. Once this is done the kids and James go to their other Christmas’s while I stay behind and clean up the boxes and wrapping paper and start cooking our holiday dinner.

Since I am alone once everyone leaves I prefer to stay in my pajamas and slippers, leave the television on with whatever Christmas show that is playing in the background.

Sound’s lonely to most people but I enjoy the peace and quiet. I love the smell of the food cooking whether it is the traditional Ham or MY traditional meal of lasagna, salad and garlic bread.

My family all returns about 1 PM and we sit down in front of the television to watch more Christmas shows, talk about our favorite part of the day and gorge ourselves on dinner and pie. Usually we have tired ourselves out so much that we are off to bed by no later than 8 PM.

So even though we may not be able to afford everything we want to get for the kids and each other we are very happy with the day that we have had. It isn’t about what we receive anyway, its about spending time together and taking a day to focus on our family. A day with no interruptions and no arguing. A day of peace 🙂

What does your Christmas day look like? What tradition do you have? What do you eat? What is the most important part of the day for you?

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