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Getting Unstuck

There are so many different obstacles in life that set us back in our journey if we allow them too. Some people are doing well in life, have a home, family, a job and are at least making it through the day, some people are barely waking up in the mornings.

When we are in a position where the negative things are controlling our lives we need to re-evaluate where we are as opposed to where we want to be. We need to decide if we are going to let these things take precedence in life.

I lived a life that most people have no clue about unless I tell them, to look at me you would never know what I have been through.

When I was a little girl, about 2 1/2 years old I remember being beaten with the belt for peeing my undies as I was trying to make it to the potty. I had one of those old fashioned potty chairs, wooden with a painted little girl on the back and a plastic pot in it that slid out from underneath to empty it. This is the first bad thing I remember and there were so many that followed.

When I was 12 I was put into the care of DCF (Department Of Children & Families) because I went to school and a friend thought I had my first hickey from a boy only to see that when she pulled down my collar of my turtle neck I had a purple hand print around my throat. My friend and I went into the bathroom and I proceeded to show her my entire body, the black and blues went from the back of my shoulder blades and all the way down to my calves, the shape of a metal handle from a fly swatter. I begged her not to tell anyone because it was my fault I had been beaten so bad, I should not have told the truth about what was happening to me and no one would have hurt me more. At least that is what the 12 year old me told myself anyway.

Being placed in the states care lead from me being placed in one home to a total of 30 different foster homes, boarding school, 10 trips to a run away crisis center, rehab and living on the streets. No one loved me, no one wanted me,..why would they? I was damaged.

Life never got better as I aged either, I went from one bad place to another. It’s like I attract pain,..or so I thought.

About 50 days ago I was introduced to a system from a lady named Brenda. She introduced me to Unlimited Profits. Her purpose was to show me a way to make money. She has no idea what the system has done for me, it is so much more than a way for me to make money.

Through the mentoring in the system I have learned many things about myself. One thing I learned is that it does not matter what company I am with I will never see the results that I want and deserve until I get past the negative and painful past I have lived. This doesn’t mean that I had to completely forget it because it has shaped me to be the person I am, it just meant I needed to find a way to come to peace with it all.

At first I figured that would never happen, there is no one that can take away the pain…I was wrong though. I have been through 33 days of the mentoring and every day I grow a little more. I have learned that I am not my past. I am not what happened to me and if I allow if to consume me I will never be more than the negativity.

Because of what I have learned about myself, because I know that I can now be what I want to be, even though it wont happen overnight; I am now in a better position to help other people.

The mentoring program is amazing and I feel a kinship with the man who designed the system. He was in foster care, he struggled too. Life is never easy but it is what you do with what you are handed that makes the difference.

I am so thankful for the “Getting Unstuck” series that Robert Hollis Sr put together and added to this system. Yes, I can make money, great money with it, but before I focus on that aspect I just want to focus on showing people that there is a way for them to grow, move past the bad and into a wonderful place.

If you need some help, you do not need to tell me why, just grab this link and start improving yourself. Start to put you first, work on your spiritual self, your emotional self, mental self and the money will come.

I would love to connect with you, and if you would rather just check out the mentoring before connecting with me you can do that too. The links to connect with me or get the mentoring are below.

Find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/margoj3

Grab the FREE mentoring http://xs.gy/hannahhollis



Time To Re-focus

The last few weeks have been stressful for me and our entire family.

My son has been quite sick since about July of 2014 and none of his doctor’s could figure out what was going on with him. They thought he had acute pancreatic issues and it turned out he didn’t; he has hydronephrosis and as a side effect of this he ended up with hydroureteronephrosis which was a complete blockage from his kidney to his bladder. (Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (UPJ obstruction) )

We spent last week at the hospital so he could have an operation to get rid of the blockage. Dr. Mingdin planned to complete two (2) procedures during the operation that day but to unforeseen issues they were only able to do one. We will be heading back to Burlington March 30th 2015 for him to have both of the other procedures done. They will be removing his stent and doing a Hydraseal removal at the same time. Thankfully this will be done and he will be completely through his full recovery by the time summer rolls around.

Now that the worst is out of the way it is time for me to get back on track; time to RE-focus on the business I am currently and hopefully permanently with.

Once you see what it is and the way it works you will see why I say it that way and what I am so excited about!

After all this time online I have found the perfect solution for everyone!!

There is only one obstacle; getting others to see that this is the best and only thing they will need to make an income online EVER again.

It is as simple as joining and completing 3 steps- Go to the One Ten Hangout

Step one-You pay $7 One-Time to be a team member. Step 2- pay $39.95 monthly to become a Bronze member. This puts you in a position to start earning commissions. Step 3- Share Your Link & Start growing your team!

The steps you follow and everything you see in the back office comes with a video. This makes it simple enough that even a newbie can do it. Nothing is left to the imagination! There is no way you can fail with this!

Your first level of 10 is the bronze level and you earn $25 per person that joins your team every month. After 60 days the copper level opens up for you and you join that business in which your team follows you on their 60th day. This process continues through the levels.

You earn your commission from every level too, so as people join your team your making money on every level and as they upgrade you get a pay increase.

The matrix is designed so that everyone make money.

For example- If you get 4 team members as direct referrals I will be making $50 a month because your 2nd and 4th team member are given to your sponsor. If you get 6 team members you are then making $100 per month; this is not counting the pass-ups from them; their numbers 2 & 4 which actually increases your team to 12 people and it gets crazy because you get their 2nd and 4th person too! This is only an example based on the bronze level and rumor has it you make $125 per month per team member when you and your team become copper level member’s.

Watch the video below for a visual example. (I HIGHLY recommend you watch this)

We have a hangout every Monday as a team at 8 pm, this is a TEAM ONLY hangout, then we have a hangout for anyone that wants more information and wants to possibly join us. This is our ‘Sales Hangout’

You can join tonights hangout (and watch the replay if it isn’t Monday when you see read this @ http://bitly.com/OWNHaNgOuT

I love the OWN (Online Wealth Network) concept and I think you will too!

One – Link

One – Focus

One – Big Team

Ten – Times the income!

No,..I’m not going crazy… I just
wanted to get your ATTENTION!

Be here,


Monday Night! 9pm est. USA

And you WILL see why I One Ten.

-Margo Johnson

☼Are You Ready To Change Your Life??☼

I received an email today that made me start thinking, and then I got a comment from a reader requesting more photos/videos to break things up on my blog. Anyway,..look at me being all long winded again lol..

Back to the point I received an email that discussed what peoples options are if the lose their job. Basically it asked if they are ready for the future. I took a screenshot of this email so I could discuss it, and because I love the new little free tool I found that makes sharing whatever you love with everyone you know with only a couple clicks. Its called Lightshot! I guess I could have used prntscrn on the computer but this is more fun 🙂


The first question is “Whats wrong with a job?” now for many people there is nothing wrong with a job, in their mind job security is important, and it is to an extent but like the email said what happens when the income stops? What would you do if god-forbid you got injured, or the place your employed goes under? Where does that leave you?

Unemployed? Broke?

Do you have a savings account? If you do is there enough money in that account that you can live for the next six months? Six moths is the average time it takes to find another source of employment,..traditional employment anyway. Will you have money for food, mortgage, clothing, medical and car repairs?

As the email says, there is another option, you can follow the money. By follow the money that means finding a way to create an income. This could be starting your own business from scratch which mind you takes quite a hefty start up cost for most types of venues, but there are other options when trying to be en entrepreneur. Network marketing is one of the options. I know many people think “pyramid scheme” when they think of network marketing but it is no more a pyramid than working at McDonald’s or the job you currently have.

The job your doing now, your working for someone else, make a few dollars an hour and the person above you makes a few dollars more an hours and so on it goes to the tops where the big cheese makes it all. Well Network Marketing is similar in the fact that the higher your rank the more you make but the base pay we all make coming into it is the same. You literally write your own pay check. The more you work the more you get paid. There are people in both of my companies that are making more every month in just their residual income than the people who created the companies.

Residual income is where its at! For example, I get one customer to join my company and every month they pay their bill, so every month I make a set amount, for example in one company I make $20 per person every month that they pay their bill, now I only spoke to that person once, I only signed them up once,..this is residual income.

You can also leverage your income by building a team, the company pays you a little more in bonuses, and commissions the larger your team/company gets, is this unfair? No your moving up in the company. For example you have 80 people you personally brought in and your making $1600 a month in residual income, now those 80 people are also bringing in people so you get a few dollars per person they bring in. Once they have brought in 80 people they are getting $1600 a month in residual income and they are also receiving money from those below them. This is leveraging your income. So you do an action once and get paid a residual income on recurring payments, as others do the same you receive more money leveraging off of them and creating a lasting income.

This creates wealth. What would you do with an extra $1600 a month? I know I could personally live off of that amount if I had too, and I only spoke to these people once…imagine if I keep talking to people, signing them up and showing them, teaching them to duplicate exactly what I am doing? My income would keep growing every month and I wouldn’t have to do anything more than introduce them to the company/product and teach them. Eventually I would even have to do that anymore If didn’t want to.

So today while your at work, think about this,..do you want to keep getting up 5-6 days a week, leaving at 5 am, working to make someone else rich, most likely someone you really can’t stand and then go home, stressed out because you know that even though your working 60 hours a week your still barely going to break even? Or would you rather start to build your financial future while working so that in 6 months to a year you can tell your boss to take his job and shove it?

Id pick the latter if I was you!

So what are you going to do? Can I help?

You know how to contact me,..but if not you can message me one here, you can email me at napfuture4u@gmail.com or you can even call me at (234) 200-6056 and I would be more than happy to talk to you!


North American Power

This is a little advert I put together for my business using Powtoon. I thought it was the coolest tool and I HIGHLY recommend using it for business, school,..anything, Its like a power point on steroids!! And SUPER easy to use. With a free account you can export to YouTube and then download to your computer!!

Amazing and Fun tool!

RE: “Making Money Online is One Of the Best Options Out There.” -J.S.

Someone made a comment on a post of mine; while replying to the comment I realized that I was writing a book back to him so I decided that I would turn his comment into my next post:) I am adding his website link and only using his initials; so as not give out his personal information but this way he can possibly get some traffic too; that’s my way of repaying him for giving me a great new blog post idea! So again,..Thanks J.S.!!!


J. S. (http://freesoftwaredeal.wix.com/free)

“Making money online is one of the best options out there. It allows you to have flexibility with your busy life. I find that turnkey systems are a great option, because they allow you to start making money without the hassle of creating something from scratch!”


I absolutely AGREE!!!

The only thing is people need to watch out for what they do online.

I would have to say that there are MANY wonderful ways to earn money online and some people think they are scams because they didn’t follow the steps properly or read the entire description and fine print and yes it is sometimes because who ever they joined a business with didn’t train them properly..or just plain took them for their money; which is sad but it does happen.

Don’t let an experience like that cloud your entire judgement about working at home whether it is starting your own business or joining a business that already works for many others.

I would personally recommend that no matter what program, business or job someone chooses to do online, that they DO NOT ONLY research the business but also research the person they are joining with/under.

Just because ‘Bob’ sent you an email after you entered your information on his website doesn’t mean you have to join with ‘Bob’ if you feel he is dishonest or something feels wrong; use your gut instinct about people or contact them and give them a chance to explain the program/system or business/job. If your still feeling hesitant than by all means research someone else! Take your time and if ‘Sally’ can offer you the same benefits with the same business/job etc,..that you want to join; but she is honest, open and you feel more confident with her then join ‘Sally’ not ‘Bob’!

The decision is yours and can make or break whether a WAH system, job, business or opportunity actually works for you.

Do not allow someone to push you into something your not sure of!

Someone that is genuine about their offer, that believes in what they are offering you and that is not trying to rip you off will understand your need to research them and what they are offering you. They will give you a REAL way to contact them and they will be patient while you figure out what you want to do and they won’t be pushy or upset if you decide to go elsewhere.

Once you have made your decision then you must take steps to make it work for you because it doesn’t matter that ‘Sue-Ann’ makes $2000 a month doing what your doing; or that ‘Steve’ only make $200 a month; everyone is different and may use different methods to grow their business.

The first thing I will tell you that fits any business is BE YOURSELF! Don’t try to be ‘Sue-Ann’, you won’t ever be her because you don’t know for sure what she does that is working for her and just because it works for her doesn’t mean it will work for you. I will tell you that if you apply yourself, really apply yourself, not just try something for a few days and then give up; but work it and do the job you WILL make money!

Some things take longer than others and you need to figure out what works for you,..trial and error; until you get it right! The second thing I will say is BE PATIENT!

Making money online doesn’t happen over night no matter how many people tell you it does. (Not unless you are the most famous person in the world and people do what you want, buy what you sell or follow you around drooling. LOL)  

A business doesn’t become a multi-million dollar business overnight and a person working a 9-5 job doesn’t get paid for two weeks when they start, so keep this in mind.

Working online is actually a lot harder because you have to build a following, grow your own business,..even if your position is called a JOB online these things are important. Customers don’t just fall in your lap and buy what your selling or join what your recruiting for. You have to take the time to engage them, give them value, make them want to come to you for their needs or desires instead of the next person who says they can offer them what you have. Always work harder than everyone else you see doing the same thing as you because that’s how your going to make the money.


I LOVE working from home; I love my job! I LOVE that my job allows me the ability to work when I want to, where I want to, how I want to. I can spend time with my family when I want, take days off whenever I want. I don’t spend gas to get to work..I just get, up get a coffee and go to my desk..that’s my commute! Lol. No daycare expense, no hassle of someone breathing over my shoulder. I can chat on the phone with my best friend and work at the same time and no one can fire me!!!

I do have to add that if you want to be able to work at home ONLY and not have to work a regular 9-5 job too, then you should consider multiple streams of income.

Now I don’t mean go out today and join 50 businesses, but start one and when you have a handle on it and you feel like your at a place where you can take on more then I suggest you do it. When you notice the calls/emails or inquiries have slowed and your income isn’t really being affected but that you now are getting bored or have more time on your hands maybe find something else to add to it.

You can go for something similar to what your doing, something easier or even something more challenging. This can be important if your over-all goal is to work from home solely.

So check out some other options. Join another business, grow your online portfolio. Again don’t go around jumping into everything and joining them all or you’ll over-whelm yourself and go broke. Lol.

Having a couple, maybe two or three options (tops) that are bringing in the moolah; is important so you have money when you need it from one when you don’t with the other.

I love having the ability to work online, there are so many options out there to choose from. I also love having more than one job and the time to do this because if one job gives me the option of getting paid daily and the other is only weekly or monthly I can still bring money in. Doing this allows you room to ‘feel out’ what you really want to do if you haven’t figured it out already.

Is marketing what you like, customer service or just being behind the scenes? Or are you like me and you love being home and you are honestly addicted to the computer and anything that you can do online to make money or just talk to people?

I also love the fact that people who maybe couldn’t graduate high-school because of circumstances or bad-choice still have an option and don’t fell degraded because they are ‘turned down’ for lack of education. There are so many choices online that anyone-regardless of age, gender, education, experience, race, background, income level, looks,..or anything! You could honestly be the head-less horseman and as long as you have internet access and can push a few buttons on the keyboard you can work online. 

I am so glad that J.S. commented and said what he did because it gave me a great new idea for a post and I hope that I have helped you a little bit. I was actually going to post on here and embed a new video for you all but before I did that I was given the opportunity to give you something I hope you think has value.

Now I am going to embed my new video too. LOL! So look out for it in a few minutes!!